It's been a scary week!

Ended up in A&E on Wednesday night with pains and bleeding, I felt very unwell and started vomiting at the hospital, pains were so bad I was convinced I was either miscarrying or had an ectopic! Anyway they think I have a UTI, I stayed in on a drip overnight and they scanned me in the am and there was our little bean with its heartbeat flickering away! I was soooo relieved, I feel emotionally and physically exhausted! I am coming up to 7 weeks - tomorrow I think, I had another scan on Friday with my fertility consultant and he measured me differently to the hospital so I am going for in between the two! I have another scan for reassurance on the 4th October so not long to wait. I am still bleeding a bit and still feel rough but so pleased to see a heartbeat, long way to go but it's a good start ❀️ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ this is our take home sibling for Harrison ❀️

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  • Aww hun i feel for you. Hopefully you feel better soon and stay positive :) xx

  • Thank you xx still feeling horrid!

  • So pleased your little one is happy and healthy. Fingers crossed things will get easier now! Xx

  • Thank you xx how are you?

  • Doing pretty well. Much better after the scan. Feeling a bit sick but really I don't think I have anything to complain about considering what you have been through! X

  • Hi bump, Im so relieved for you both ... hope you are feeling better now? You must be exhausted with all the anxiety and relief ;) UTIs are awful and on top of the normal fearfulness of this process etc i cant imagine .... you are incredibly strong and brave xxxxxx Take really good care of yourself, try to enjoy as many of the good days as possible and fingers crossed for the 4th October xxxxx look forward to hearing your updates xxxx

  • Thank you for your lovely message x I have not been doing much as still feeling rough! I don't know if it's baby, the antibiotics or my UTI! Just feel sick and flu like all the time! How are u feeling about your FET? When is it? I think your embryos sound good quality, this one was a 6bb so I would say a 5bb is very good. I also know others who have got pregnant with 3bc's so plenty of hope for you 😊

  • Thank you honey, sounds like you are doing the right things in resting and drinking water .... it's probably all of those things the baby, the antibiotics and the uti! My fet is due on Thursday I think ... I am trying very hard to be philosophical, but you know what it's like. ... all very easy in theory not so much in practice πŸ˜‰ hope you are managing to watch lots of truly bad films. .. really that seems the only thing to do with unexpected time on your hands ☺

  • Oh Mrs I hope you are ok ? just make sure you rest up now plenty of water flush out that infection glad bubs is doing ok xo

  • Thank you x I am definately resting! Feeling too tough to do much! Drinking silly amounts of water too! How are u? Did u post about dreams the other day? Mine are crazy crazy dreams! Ever night is very entertaining! I just wish I could remember them all! Xx

  • That's good you are resting 😍 yes I posted abt dreams haha some of mine are extremely entertaining haha I wake most mornings laughing my head off completely bizarre πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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