So glad I met with my consultant

Quite a busy afternoon today, I had a scan to confirm that all was okay after surgery which thankfully it was.

I then met with my consultant which I’m really glad about as he was so understanding and even said it was heartbreaking for him watching us suffer so much. We’ve agreed that I’m going to take some time out to recover physically and mentally but in the mean time I’m going to start taking metformin and inofolic. I’m also going to be referred for a hysteroscopy to check my womb - anyone had one before?

All my blood tests came back fine and our blastocyst are ‘top quality’ that he says in terms of IVF treatment there isn’t much more he can offer us. Just waiting for the genetic testing results but overall I feel re assured that I’ve got time to focus on me and my Hubby and also grieve for all the loss we’ve suffered this year but there’s also a plan in place.

Hope everyone is doing okay xx

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  • Really pleased you've had a positive appointment. That's just what you needed happy you decided to go.

    Also I have had a hysteroscopy but I had it whilst I had a lap so can't offer you much around that sorry.

    Looks like things are slowly starting to look up for you and you'll be able to bring the new year in with some positivity on hoping you'll be successful on having your precious baby. I love it when ppl just get it and, really empathize that's when they really help because they want us to be successful and don't just see us as a pay packet. Glad you've had such a positive appointment and now yous can continue to grieve knowing your going to be able to do all you can with the amazing support you have from your consultant. Wish you all the best hun 💗🤗😘

  • Thank you, your so right I know my consultant really ‘gets it’ but the Ivf nurse is always keen for me to just go again so I’m relieved he said to take some time out. Hope your doing okay and this week goes quickly for you xx

  • Your consultant sounds like a good decent person. Thanks hun I'm not too bad xx

  • Oh Hun I'm glad that you had a good appointment and that he was understanding. Taking time out to heal sound like a good idea and having a plan in place is good. Xxx

  • Thank you, definitely I’m a lot better knowing there’s a plan in place but no rush to start it. How are you? Xx

  • I'm ok thank you. Have booked follow up with consultant on 1st Dec to find out about FET and all that's involved. We won't be starting until the new year but I like to have a plan! Xx

  • Definitely I feel relieved now we have a plan, i think it helps to stop questioning everything in your head at least a little xx

  • I’m so glad you had a positive appointment today. And things are beginning to look up.

    I’m doing okay thanks and I’m back to work tomorrow for the first time for a couple of weeks. And it’s light duties only as I’m a Nursery Nurse.

    How are you?


  • Thank you, hope you get on okay tomorrow. How are you finding the tww? I’m doing okay thanks just exhausted from today xx

  • Not too bad at the moment. Have had a couple of days of just relaxing and resting after everything. I’m feeling quite positive actually. I popped into work today and they said I looked positive about things xxx

  • All sounds positive. I’m following your whole story with interest, being in a similar situation to you, as you know. May 2018 be our year! 🤞 🙏🏻 xx Ps I had a Hysteroscopy in 2013 for grade 3 CIN but I also had a biopsy at the same time so I can’t really advise on what it’s like on it’s own x

  • Thank you, as am I with yours. I’m so hoping next year brings us both our precious babies. Like you at this point I kind of think anything’s got to be worth trying to avoid any more heartache xx

  • I've just had a hysteroscopy last week, that bit was fine, doesn't hurt just uncomfortable. I also had a biopsy that bit was painful but the actual camera bit was fine.

    They recommended taking some painkillers half hour before.

  • Thank you, hope your doing okay.

  • I am thank you, we're just waiting for our next appointment following the biopsy and then hopefully start FET.

    Good luck with your hysteroscopy and take the following day off if you can, you may have cramping and spotting after. X

  • Delighted that your appointment went well and also that you have a plan. It will make such a massive difference to you and your hubbie having such a supportive and understanding consultant. Still thinking about you. Trusting all works out in 2018 for you.xo

  • Thank you so much, definitely has helped knowing there’s a plan but with no pressure xx

  • Really pleased to hear you had a positive outcome from your appointment today. Taking a bit of time out sounds like a good idea. I am hoping that 2018 will be a better year for us all. BIG hugs xxx

  • Thank you, I definitely need the time out and my hubby’s now looking at holidays knowing well have some ‘us’ time next year 🙈 hope your doing okay? Xx

  • A holiday sounds like a great idea! Really hope you are ok?I'm doing ok thanks, looking forward to getting next week over and done with and then one step closer to knowing what comes next xxx

  • I’m getting there thank you, just taking each day as it comes. Good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine I know it’s easier said than done but if you can try and stay relaxed xx

  • Glad you're feeling a bit more positive. Taking each day as it comes is very sensible. Thankyou for your support, means a lot. Sending you BIG hugs xxx

  • Definitely take some time for you!

    I had a hysteroscopy after the last ivf miscarriage, just to check if there was something or nothing.

    I had it under general anaesthetic and he did a biopsy of the lining to check for any underlying issues and used that as a scratch at the same time.

    Not too horrendous the recovery to be honest.

    It all came back clear....

  • Thank you, glad yours came back okay. He did say to me it’s much like a scratch so I think it’s got to be worth doing. Hope your doing okay x

  • 😘 glad to see you had a positive day. Take care lovely xx

  • Thank you, hope your doing okay xx

  • Not too bad. A bit ‘meh’ but to be expected when not expecting... 😑 xx

  • It’s such a cruel journey, it’ll take some time for you too xx

  • Glad your appointment went well and you have a consultant who gets you and isn’t going to force you to do anything too soon. Your plan sounds like a positive step too. Hope the hysteroscopy goes ok x

  • Thank you, I’m relieved now that we’re both on the same page I think having a plan has helped. Hope your doing okay x

  • So glad you got to your appt and that it went well. Hoping that your dreams come true in 2018 xxx

  • Thank you, I hope so to. Hope your doing okay xx

  • So pleased your appointment went well 🙂 I think taking some time out sounds like a good idea. I've got everything crossed that 2018 will be your year 😘 Xxx

  • Thank you, I hope so to 🤞I hope your doing okay and your sickness has eased xx

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