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Changed how we normally handle a BFP

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Normally when hubby and I get a BFP I’m adamant that we don’t tell family till after 7wk scan, we always get to see a heartbeat at the 6wk one but by the 7wk scan it’s sadly always stopped.

However, maybe it was the Xmas feel but we decided to announce yesterday round the table that I was pregnant! We’ve never had such a lovely reaction as we are normally not only telling them it’s bad news but also that I had been pregnant but not no longer was. So yesterday was truly lovely and no matter what happens will be a day I will treasure forever for the happy memories! Everyone cried and was so happy for us. I thought it may add more pressure in the run up to my scan, but actually its been the complete opposite as now don’t have to come up with excuses why I’m not drinking etc, and I know they will all give us so much support what ever the outcome. For now I’m still feeling chilled, we are not having the early 6wk scan but will be approx 7wk4days by the time of my first scan of which will be a hugely crucial time.

But for now I can happily feel pregnant knowing that our news made Xmas that little more special this year and hope that the positivity and calmness remains and our pumpkin keeps growing stronger and stronger 🎃💪🏻💕

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Small changes. Really hope this is your one xxx

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baby2016 in reply to Camillage

Thanks Camillage xx

This is nice. All of my family and friends know too xx

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baby2016 in reply to Tugsgirl

Aw brilliant, bet they were all sooo made up! Xx

Oh how lovely xx

We told everyone from the off too it just felt right and that's what's important. Fingers crossed for you. Xx

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baby2016 in reply to KittyK

Aww thanks Kitty! We thought it just felt right too this time 😊 just seen your getting ready for another cycle! Exciting times. Sending you soooo much luck xxx

I really hope this is your moment baby2016....wishing you all the very very best, will be closely following for updates

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baby2016 in reply to sanj76

Aw thank you Sanj, how lovely that you still come and visit on the site! I hope you are all doing well and your gorgeous little girl is ok. Thanks for the words of support x

Aw that's lovely, wishing you all the best for your scan xx

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baby2016 in reply to

Thanks Claire 😊xx

Just lovely! Enjoy every minute! x

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baby2016 in reply to Snowy76

Thank you 😊xx

That sounds like a magical moment and lovely to have the support of your nearest and dearest xx

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baby2016 in reply to Dunla

Thanks Dunla xx

Awww this sounds amazing, must have made all of your both saying it and everyone hearing it! What a moment. Looking forward to your updates.xx

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baby2016 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks Cinders! It was a lovely moment, and one no-one expected which made it even more special. Hope your ok xx

Oh yay! Good for you !

I've been umming and aahing over the same thing. We've never had a bfp to tell anyone before!

But previous two cycles my sisters and mum knew we were doing IVF and followed closely and sadly ended with bfn and bleeding

This time I haven't even told them we had a transfer ! And so many times I've almost slipped up letting them know I'm pregnant and not just dying because of IVF meds lol

I didn't want to have to face a big announcement and then disappointment after as I really wanted to tell the WHOLE immediate family together (that's almost 25 of us!) The good news. So we wanted to wait until the scan.... But I don't know when the whole family will be together after this weekend and I just kinda want to announce it as I know they will be happy and supportive and cautious as me going forward (!)

Your post has given me heart and I think I'm going to convince hubby to let them know

I'm going to do a couple of digital tests beforehand to be sure though!

Good luck for your scan - really hope this is your time xxxx

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baby2016 in reply to Saya85

Aww that’s brilliant!! Glad my post has helped. Tbh all we’ve ever done is tell our family bad news that’s gutted us all, so we were like, to hell with it, let’s just do it!! Yes things could still go wrong but knowing they are rooting for us and will be there for us no matter what has made it so much easier! I say go for it!! It’s a magical time of year, when magic happens 🌟😊xx

Hey there! I hope it works for you now. Take good care of yourself hon, everything will be alright. Just stay strong and keep trying. Stay blessed. Good Luck!

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baby2016 in reply to EmmaFoster1

Thanks Emma, that’s lovely of you xx

Congratulations. I pray and hope this is your baby.

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baby2016 in reply to kumkums

Thanks Kumkums, I hope all is going well with your pregnancy xx

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kumkums in reply to baby2016

You are welcome. Thanks pregnancy is going well to the glory of God.

Glad you felt to share this wonderful new with close ones. ❤️We told our parents & siblings early on too. If it went wrong we knew we had their support which was nice. xoxo

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baby2016 in reply to

It’s such a relief isn’t it! We told parents when we had our 1st and 2nd BFP but after they both failed any further positives we kept to ourselves. But it just seemed right and I’m so glad we did. Hope all is good with you and baba Jess xx

in reply to baby2016

Everything is going well thank you, heard baby’s heartbeat at our last midwife appointment was amazing 😍 Can’t believe we got our happy ending feel so lucky 😍 Keep us updated 🙂 When is your scan booked? Hoping all goes smoothly for you. I’m sure this your time 😍✨🌈 xoxo

Baby2016 This is the one! Finger crossed for you darling.... Thinking of you and will be checking in too.xx

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baby2016 in reply to Nancy001

As thank you Nancy, I see your new here, welcome!! Try not to worry about your tests they can vary massively. Fingers crossed for your scan xx

Aww lovely, wishing you all the luck in the world xx

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baby2016 in reply to silverlini

Thank you, 😀 good luck for your upcoming cycle xx

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silverlini in reply to baby2016

Thank you!xx

What a lovely way to let family know your news. Hope this is the time for you both xx

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baby2016 in reply to Macca13

Thanks Mecca xx

I think it’s lovely that you’ve shared the happy news with your family and probably made their Xmas aswell. Wishing you all the best for a healthy happy pregnancy 💕🙏xX

Thank you so much for your reply Clover. How are you feeling? I hope you managed to get through Xmas ok despite the huge amount of different emotions you will have had xxx

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Clover5 in reply to baby2016

Hi Hun. We’ve spent a lot of time with family which has been nice and tried to have as normal a Xmas as we can. I’m trying to keep busy or if I sit too long I just end up crying all the time. We put all the bits we had bought for Ebony away in the attic today which was hard and we’ve decided to try ivf again in July. I’m getting married in sept but I was 4 months pregnant when I bought my dress, so if we are lucky enough for it to work again, i should fit into my dress fine. Hopefully planning the wedding will give us something to focus on. I really hope everything goes well for you Hun and you get your dream baby 🙏💕xX

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baby2016 in reply to Clover5

You are an amazing women!! And don’t ever forget that! Focused yet realistic, Ebony is a beautiful name, and it must have been to hard packing her stuff away. Having a wedding to focus on is fab, as you know there will be happy times ahead. I hope 2019 gives you the perfect wedding and your rainbow baby xx

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Clover5 in reply to baby2016

Thank you Hun 💕xX

Loving the positive vibes 👊

This is so nice. I hope this is your time. Just be more careful now. Everything will work out if you are healthy enough. Stay strong. Good Luck.

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baby2016 in reply to LeonaJordan

Thank you Leona 😁xx

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LeonaJordan in reply to baby2016

Hi! Pray for me baby2016. I have recently started my treatment at this clinic abroad. The doctors are taking good care of me and things are in my favor as well. All the results are coming positive but i m still worried. I want this to work.

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baby2016 in reply to LeonaJordan

Brill news! Stay positive and hopefully you will get your BFP x

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