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Thyroxine and oestrogen


I am preparing for a fresh embryo transfer. Currently on 50mg levothyroxine and now started cetrotide injections sid and 2mg oestrogen tid. How long to I need to split the thyroxine and oestrogen up by? I am feeling really tired and wonder if it is caused by reduced absorption of thyroxine or the other meds or just being stressed :s fertility clinic didnt seem concerned with splitting up thyroxine and oestrogen.


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not sure about the fertility drug but always take Levo an hour before food and drink a full glass of water. 2 hours away from other vitamins, for maximum absorbtion. If your that tired, you might need a dose increase, 50mcg is only a starter dose. 😊 xx

Stary in reply to misswinky34

Thanks for the tips- I was only diagnosed with hypothyroidism incidentally during fertility checkd- tsh has come down to 1.84 (result from last week), so was seeming to be well controlled. I was started on 25 micrograms and it was incresed to 50 micrograms after 6 weeks and the latest test was 6 weeks after that increase. Im gonna try leaving a bit longer between meds. But it could just be ivf meds or me being paranoid as I think it is a bit too soon to notice any change from a reduction in t4 if the absorption has been affected :s

Do you know what your TSH levels are? They need to be below 2.5 for fertility treatment so could be why you are feeling tired - I had to battle with my GP during my first few rounds to get my dose increased then when they finally did sort it out I got my bfp - sadly miscarried and now just away to do a FET - I am convinced Thyroid plays a much bigger part in fertility md worth getting it checked out - good luck!

Stary in reply to kerry231

Tsh was 1.84 at last test a week ago so looking good. Ive only been feeling tired since starting ivf meds (was feeling fab before) so either its the ivf meds, me being paranoid or oestrogen reducing thyroxine levels by reducing absorption (but im not sure it would happen so quickly). Im gonna try waiting 4 hours after thyroxine before first oestrogen tablet. Hope the fet works out for you :)

That TSH is perfect then, I’m doing a FET just now so taking estrogen tablets and I am really tired also - think I was last time I did a FET also so must be that - I take my thyroxine at night before bed, my pregnacare vitamin I’m morning and my estrogen tablets at teatime to try and spread it all out a little

I am just resting when I need to and listening to my body - hope we are both successful 🤞

I always take Levothyroxin first thing when I wake up. I was advised by my doc to wait 30 mins before taking any other medication or food and drinks.

Stary in reply to SJA14

Yup me too :) Currently I'm taking thyroxine at 6.30am, breakfast 7.15am, oestrogen tablets at 7am, 2pm and 10.30pm, cetrotide injection 7am, folic acid/multivit 10.30pm. But will try taking oestrogen at 9am instead of 7am to see if it makes any difference. Thanks for everyone's input :) I am probably making this more complicated than it needs to be lol

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