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How many days on oestrogen before progesterone during a FET cycle?



Firstly just wanted to thank all you lovely ladies so far for all your support. You have given me so much reassurance.

Another request for advice.

I've now been on oestrogen tabs 2mg three times a day for 14 days for a FET cycle. Lining checked today, day 15 and is 10mm thick. They said I am to continue the oestrogen and also start from 18th August progesterone pessaries three times a day for 5 days then Embryo transfer on the 23rd.

I'm slightly worried about the amount of time on oestrogen, total of 27 days prior to progesterone pessaries and lining is already 10mm today on day 15. From the fresh cycle I was overstimulated I ended up with another fibroadenoma ( Breast lump caused by increased oestrogen) and I'm also scared about endometriosis flaring.

Is this type of regimen common? And would anyone know the reason why oestrogen is being continued for 12 more days when lining is already 10mm?

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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That does seem like a long time. For me my lining has been ready about day 16-18 each time and then they’ve either put me straight into progesterone or a few days oestrogen and then progesterone so that transfer doesn’t fall on a weekend or on one of my working days if I’ve asked them to avoid it. So I wonder if clinic scheduling is impacting their decision.

Thank you. I thought it seemed a bit long. Thanku for your help, I might ring the clinic today. Best of luck, which ever stage u are at xx

I agree with 2 shades of hope that it does seem longer than usual, particularly as your lining is already a good thickness. My clinic scan after 11-12 days on it and the. If lining is right schedule in a transfer, usually about a week later. If your frostie is a day 5 one then it would be right to start progesterone 5 days before transfer. I’ve had various conversations with my clinic about timing of my transfers and because of work commitments on a couple of my transfers I asked them to change the day by a day or 2 which they were more than happy to do as they said I could just stay in oestrogen for a couple of extra days. However on my last round I asked them to push the transfer back by a whole week and they weren’t keen to do that. They said they would if I was adamant I needed to but they wouldn’t recommend being on oestrogen for that length of time. So for you to be on it for nearly 2 weeks extra does feel excessive. I would maybe give them a ring and ask them to explain their decision to put your mind at ease. Good luck with your cycle.

Sunshine268 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanku. Yes my frostie is a day 5. Thanku for your advice and sharing your experience, I shall give them a ring.

Hope everything works out for you. Thanks again it's really appreciated x

Hi, we are hoping for FET on 23rd too. I have my scan on Friday but haven’t started oestrogen yet. Have you started oestrogen right after your bleed? Xx

Sunshine268 in reply to emiliajj

I started oestrogen on the morning of day 2 of bleeding, they said that period had to be in full flow to start it. I've been on oestrogen 2mg three times a day for 15- 16 days now and my lining is the correct t thickness. Is this your first FET too? Best of luck! Xx

emiliajj in reply to Sunshine268

This is my 1st medicated FET so I’m like you confused! I had a failed Natural FET beginning of July. I was told to take oestrogen after my period.. I might ask my nurse on Friday. I’m in buserelin for 10days now and had my bleed last Sunday. I will keep you posted.

All the best and good luck xx

Sunshine268 in reply to emiliajj

Best of luck. I haven't received buserelin for this frozen cycle. Just oestrogen. Sounds like there are lots of different protocols out there. Definitely ask your nurse. I'll keep u posted 2 xx

Sunshine268 in reply to emiliajj

Hope everything is going ok and as planned. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for u. I'm having the embryo transferred tomorrow if it is ok after thawing. Excited and scared haha. Hope u are well x

emiliajj in reply to Sunshine268

Hi I’m so sorry been occupied lately and you said lil scared. Me too! Transfer day! It is! Fingers cross for everything With your transfer tomorrow. After tomo we will just focus on our lil fighter inside us xxxxx All the best!!! 🙏🏼🤞🏻🤞🏻💓

I feel you dear . It’s so difficult to understand and trust drs specially after failed cycles . I do sometimes feel that the desperation in us makes the doctors to give us any concoction of medication. For which they themselves don’t know how each patient will react .

I had a reaction to egg maturation injection and it became to be an abscess and had to have a surgery to get it removed. That set me back for couple of months of healing and then put me into a phase of depression. So it’s s very tough journey and unfortunately there’s s no right or wrong we just have to either trust your doctor blindly or go by your gut feeling.

I hope you all d best .

Awww bless you. I hope everything worked out for you. Those abscesses are awful. I had a 8 cm endometrioma removed from left ovary before stimulation. Still have another 2, hopefully they don't get bigger with the oestrogen and the stimulation from before.

Your definitely right; everyone definitely responds differently to all these hormones.

Thank u for your reply. I hope you are feeling better. Wishing u all the best xxx

Exactly I am also severe endo patient

I also worry that d oestrogen doesn’t flare up my endo . Honestly what else could go wrong. My brain sometimes just wants to blow up because all d worries .

Just try to keep thinking positive and think about what may be the result after :-) xx

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