Recovering from TAC surgery

Hi all

I had a TAC fitted on Tuesday - a transabdominal cerclage - which is the highest up stitch you can have to try and help avoid miscarriage. It is so high that it is done through the abdominal like a c section, then the stitch is put in around the very top of the cervix.

I've needed this done as I only have about half a cm of cervix left following a cone biopsy to remove abnormal cells in 2010.

2 weeks after the cone biopsy I had a haemorrhage- infection.

It was only this year that I found out after 3 years of trying to conceive that I have no cervix left and both my Fallopian tubes were blocked by the infection.

Now I've had the TAC fitted to deal with my cervix, I can now have ivf to bypass my tubes.

It is a very painful procedure to recover from but anything is worth it in trying to conceive.

I've already had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and a HSG 3x this year.

I'll be starting my first round of ivf in October x

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  • Hi Scarlett,

    Hope you are doing well! I wish you quick and positive recovery :) I've never heard of such type of surgery before... Your desire to have a baby is admirable! You did a lot to prepare yourself for successful IVF :) So fingers crossed for you! Tons of baby dust to you!! 🌌

  • Thank you Hannah for your lovely message - I really have been through a lot - the worst bit was finding out in January that both my tubes are blocked and I can't conceive naturally. Now I've had all the procedures and surgeries needed for investigation and protection, my body is ready! Hopefully the TAC will protect me from pre term labour if ivf works. It's thanks to this forum that I even found out about a TAC! It would have never been offered to me. X

  • Glad your back home recovering! Keep going, you have everything in place now for the next step x

  • Look after have been through a lot. Hope you heal well and soon x

  • Thank you x

  • You've been through so much already, I do hope the next steps go smoothly for you x

  • Thank you x

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