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HSG blocked tubes but no laparoscopy to confirm.


Hi all,

I don't know what to think. I had two HSG test done what were very painful and was diagnosed as having blocked tubes. The consultant said there was no point of doing a laparoscopy as even though they may find out what is wrong with me, it won't help us on the journey to conceive. He advised us to start IVF straight away, which we are and praying all goes well, but I can't help but think maybe laparoscopy could reveal something like a clot was blocking my tubes and they may be able to remove it during the surgery and increase our chances of conceiving.

Has anyone had laparoscopy after been told they had blocked tubes on HSG and was able to conceive naturally after treatment at laparoscopy?

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I don't understand why do the doctors don't want you to do a laparoscopy... Even if they can do nothing, you have the right to know. Also who know maybe one dya we will find the cure to whatever you have. Also as you said yourself there could be something else. Okay your doctors are either cocky to think that they cannot be wrong or I don't know. Have you though about goin elsewhere? Laparoscopy isn't that greeat or any fun at all, still it is necessary. I understand you frustration completely. Even if you have to go through IVF, so be it. There is no need for them to hide your diagnosis, or even worse not try to figure it out. I definitely advise you to look for another clinic or something. Maybe they'll tell you something valuable. Wish you well dear and stay strong. Who knows you might find a better adn easier way than IVF. I really hope tha happens, with all my guts. You have my absolute support xxxx

Thanks sweetpiee for your support it means a lot. I will seek advice from another clinic. I'm thankful that IVF is an option, but it's been an emotional rollercoaster and always wonder what if I underwent laparoscopy.

Thanks again for your advice x

Hi hun,

I was diagnosed with a blocked left tube at HSG procedure which I agree was really painful-in fact, the worst part of the whole fertility journey pain wise for me!

Anyway, that was over 2 years ago, I requested a lap but they refused and put me on the ivf waitlist.

After 1 complete and 2 cancelled mid way cycles of ivf, I finally just had my lap to find thst my tube isn't blocked st all!

The consultant explained that ad the HSG is painful it could cause the tube to spasm and appear closed or it could have been a mucous plug that cleared.

I think it's definitely worth pushing for a lap because if your tubes aren't blocked you'll know and if they are they could repair or remove them which could improve your chances at ivf and prevent ectopic.

My third ivf was cancelled cos they found fluid on my euterus which could wash embryos away and could be due to the blocked tube.

As far as I'm concerned, laperoscopy may be expensive for the nhs but bypassing that step and referring straight for ivf may mean being on ivf wait list, having issues round ivf like I did, being referred back and waiting further months for a lap then waiting for ivf again which costs the nhs/us more money, resources, precious time and emotional costs which are massive!

I'd definitely push for laperoscopy investigate and treat to save potentially unnecessary heartache.

In the meantime, be gentle with yourself lovely, enjoy quality time with your dh and practice self-care.

Massive luck and big hugs to you xxx


Hi angelaloves. Sorry to hear that you have been left in limbo a bit here. There are many reasons for tubes to be blocked, from them going into spasm during the HSG to needing removal from hydrosalpinx. I think I would ask what type of blockage you have just in case you should need any pre-treatment brfore IVF. Good luck! Diane

Hi DianeArnold, thank you for your advice, we're currently undergoing IVF and praying for a successful pregnancy, but will start researching clinics, as I hate this feel of unknown. X

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to angelaloves

Hi. Just wanted to wish you all the best with this cycle, and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane

Morning Diane, thank you so much for your support. X

I had 3 HSGs in one week due to complications, the first took an hour and I've never experienced pain like it - apart from when I had a cone biopsy which was the worst! Both tubes blocked. Laparoscopy proved they were both blocked, and mild endometriosis was unexpectedly found and ablated during the lap and what they thought was a bicornuate uterus on the HSG, turned out not to be anything at all during lap. My tubes are now clipped to stop fluid interfering with ivf.

Hi Hun,

Thanks for replying. I've read several articles about fluid decreasing the chances of IVF success, which is why I'm also annoyed that I haven't had a laparoscopy. I'm hoping this won't be the case, but feel I have not been given the best chance for success. X

Hey Hun!

Thank you for replying. I also agree it was probably one of the worst pains I've ever experienced.

Your advice is really reassuring and if they refuse to do it, I'll have to go private. I felt he informed me about IVF as if it was a relatively simple procedure, but as you know, it's been very hard emotionally and physically.

Thanks again, it's given me hope that maybe the diagnosis I was given isn't definite.

When you're awake your tubes can tense up, under general anaesthetic your tubes will be relaxed for the Dye test to be done during lap. X

Hi Ritamay123,

After two IVF cycles I'm now blessed to have a gorgeous 5 month little boy. The doctors said if they do a laparoscopy and find out the tubes are blocked then what? They said it would delay me TTC as unblocking tubes does not have a great success rate and the best thing was IVF.

I do now believe it was the right decision as after the first cycle of IVF there was a low number of embryos produced which led the doctors to believe that there isn’t a problem with my tubes but there was a problem with the eggs and sperm fusing, so they had to do icsi which produced a higher amount of embryos and now a healthy little boy. I did push for a pelvic scan which didn’t show blocked tubes in between ivf cycles. So happy they didn’t do a laparoscopy.

Thank you for replying to my post and your advice!

Best Wishes


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