My 1st post & my story (you'll need a cuppa and a comfy seat for this one)!

Hello lovely ladies

I've been following this group for a couple of months now and feel now is the time to start sharing as my IVF journey is imminent!

I'm 36, my boyfriend and I have been trying for a baby for a few years.

Since January I have had the dye test 3x in one week(!), plus many other tests and have recently undergone surgery (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) to find out what's been stopping me from conceiving.

About 7 or 8 years ago I had to have some abnormal cells removed via a cone biopsy, 2 weeks after this I had an infection and a massive haemorrhage.

Following surgery, my consultant gynaecologist has revealed to me that the cone biopsy completely removed my cervix! And that the infection I had following that caused my Fallopian tubes to completely disconnect from my uterus! She also discovered and removed endometriosis tissue.

Good news is that my ovaries and uterus look good and my boyfriend's swimmers have passed their tests. I have an AMH score of 31. I'm seeing my gynaecologist again on 9th June to be referred for IVF.

I live in Kent and I'm entitled to 2 free rounds on the NHS.

I have worked with babies and children for 12 years. I'm currently a community nursery nurse with the health visiting team so every day I assess the development of one and two year olds and I do baby clinics to weigh and measure and give advice. I also help to support parents at home with feeding, sleep, toileting and behaviour issues. I love my job but since finding out I can't conceive naturally it's sometimes quite emotional. Every day I'm asked if I have children. We talk about babies all day long in the office. 2 ladies have just had baby showers. I love children so much but now my own situation has put a brand new spin on everything.

I have cried my eyes out and have now gone through the acceptance stage of not being able to conceive naturally.

I am being positive and hopeful about IVF now being my new journey.

This network will be an amazing place to share, give and take support. Good luck to all of us. It's nice to know we are not alone on what seems like a lonely journey at times.

Anyone else in Kent?


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  • Hello hunny and welcome to this amazing site!! You sound like you have had a terrible time :( wishing you lots of baby dust and hope that IVF works out for you :) the only advice I will give you don't have expections as there are loads of hurdles that can come during IVF xxx

  • Thank you - I'm definitely trying to keep a balance of positivity and reality - I know it could be a very tough journey ahead, tougher than it's already been - but fingers crossed. Thanks for your reply. How are you getting on with your IVF journey? X

  • I'm currently in the 2 week wait! Hoping this is our time, iv previously had 3 other failed treatments (2 x IUI and 1 x ivf) best of luck to you x

  • Oh wow I'm so hoping this is your time! You've been through a long, hard journey, you deserve and need this, keep us all updated x

  • Sounds like you have been very brave. I agree this network is a fantastic place for support! Wishing you lots of luck for the future xx

  • Thank you for your message, we all have to be brave don't we and just do what you've gotta do for the result you want x

  • Hi Scarlett13. Welcome to the site. You sound really positive despite having been through a really tough time. This will be so helpful during ivf. I wish you all the success. xxx

  • Thank you Mrs C! I am generally a very positive person so I hope I can stay this way throughout this journey! Thanks for your message. How is your IVF journey going? X

  • Hi πŸ‘‹ and welcome 😊 X

  • Thank you! Hope your journey is going well? X

  • Put it this way, I hope it improves!! Lol X

  • Welcome Scarlett! Hope you find this group helpful and useful. I always do!

    Thanks for sharing your story. It's so lovely to read where people's journeys have come from. And you've had a right rollercoaster! xx

  • Thank you! Good luck for your next scan, how wonderful your journey is xxx

  • Awww thank you! x

  • Welcome I hope you find this site a comfort aswell as being very helpful, all the ladies are amazing and each have their own unique journey and experiences xx

  • Thank you Button, I see you're currently in the 2ww with your snow balls, eek, exciting!!! Thanks for replying when you're in that nerve wracking period! I see it's your 5th round? Amazing you're determined and have strength to get to this point - inspirational! Good luck xxxx

  • Aww thanks that means a lot xx

  • Hi Scarlett,

    I'm also in Kent 😊

    Wow, sounds like you've been through a lot! I really hope the ivf works for you.

    I also had a laparoscopy recently where 2 chocolate cysts were removed. I'm back at the infertility clinic at the end of June to hopefully be put forward for ivf (I just need to make weight).

    It was interesting to read that you're entitled to 2 rounds on the NHS. I've been wondering what it was in Kent.

    Sending lots of baby luck to you.

    Lucy xx

  • Sounds like we are at a similar stage! I will be going to CARE Tunbridge x

  • Hi Scarlett13!

    I'm in Kent too πŸ€— it sounds like you've been through the mill already! I'm sure you will find this site very supportive and informative. Definitely take it one step at a time! Good luck πŸ€xxx

  • Thank you! How's your journey? I'll be going to CARE Tunbridge x

  • I start my injections today so it feels very real all of a sudden. Ah not too far from me. I'm nearer London so we're at Kings xx

  • Wishing you well on your ivf journey. I'm also in kent, I'm just awaiting a call from the nurse to get me started on the pill ready to start my 2nd cycle :-)

    This forum is amazing there's so many supportive and friendly group of people on here,

    Xx πŸ€β­οΈπŸ€

  • Hiya! Are you at the Tunbridge clinic? That's where I'll be going as Canterbury is closing. Good luck with your second round - why do you need to go on the pill? X

  • Hi yes I am at care tunbridge as Canterbury is now closed, takes just over an hour to get there, have you had your consultation with them yet? The staff there are all so lovely,

    I've got to go on it so that my period works with my treatment that's hopefully going to start in July,

    I'm also on metformin due to high levels of testosterone which I'll be taken unroll treatment is finished I guess,

    I'm just awaiting my call from the nurse which should be any day now to be told to start the pill and also to arrange nurse appointment to go through treatment and injections,

    Feel free to pm on here if you want xx

  • Welcome Hun!! Best of luck on this journey and keep us posted xxx

  • Thank you. Stay strong - I hope your Frostie is doing well xxx

  • Welcome & good luck on your journey. This place is brilliant & don't know where I'd be without it xx

  • Thank you pumpkin, good luck with your 2nd baby! Was your first conceived naturally? I wish you all the best on this journey - what stage are you at? X

  • Thank you 😊 Yes, had my son nearly 7 years ago & was conceived naturally. I'm currently stimming on my first cycle - what a journey this has been do far! So pleased I have this forum xx

  • Welcome😊😊😊so glad you found will get loads and loads of fab support on here from amazing ladies and the odd fab man too xxxx

  • Hello Scarlett,

    I am about to start my journey along the ICSI path. Want to walk together?

    We have had our first consultation and a scan to check ovary access. I'm currently waiting to book our HEFEA ethics talk and then it will be a case of waiting to start my injections. We are paying for our treatment because we do get 1 free go on NHS, however it can't even begin with our first consultation until November! (Our initial appointment was in April)

    Such a mixture of happy, scared, excited and what ifs!!

  • Hi Scarlett!

    Welcome to the group and the IVF journey!

    Do they have a plan in place for your pregnancy regarding your cervix?x

  • Hi!

    Thank you x

    I get referred by the consultant gynaecologist next Friday to the ivf clinic so will definitely be discussing my cervix being non existent thanks to the cone biopsy, she told me after my surgery when I was high on morphine but I took it all in!! So sorry for the loss of your baby at 22 weeks due to your cervix - would you mind letting me know what the issue with your cervix was and what they did about it if they knew beforehand? My gynaecologist did say I'll need a surgical stitch but I've been worried about miscarriage and needing to take things easy.

    Congrats on your current baby news!!!

    I wish you all the best for this pregnancy xxx

  • Aw thank you, it's been a tough few years but very grateful to be where I am now!

    I have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix, basically it's just not strong enough to hold a pregnancy. I had checks on my cervix around 12 weeks but by the time the found it to be opening it was too late. I had a rescue stitch placed during my last pregnancy but it failed so now I have a pre pregnancy stitch (TAC). If you don't have a cervix a pregnancy stitch will not work as they have nothing to stitch, but a TAC would. Your ivf clinic won't be able to help I'm afraid they will just tell you to speak to your midwife. I personally would go to see a specialist asap, if you need more info I can PM you some contacts x

  • Thank you so much! This has been so useful, will look into what a TAC involves and how to get one - I'll speak to my gynaecologist about it next week. If you could PM me that would be fantastic! This site has already been so helpful in just one day! Are you awake when you have a TAC? Must be painful! Glad you have it sorted this time xxx

  • I'll PM you the details πŸ˜ƒ

  • Oh Hun u r so welcome here. I'm myself an endo patient and u can read my journey in my profile. This road is not nice but I pray u get there soon. There are some fabulously lovely souls here who will come to ur rescue whenever need be and there's an absolute angel called sister Diane who's always ever so warm and caring .

  • Thank you

    Good luck - the longer your journey, the more you'll appreciate the rainbow xxxx

  • β€οΈπŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™

  • Welcome Scarlett13!

    Sigh...keep dreaming, with aging hoping and hold on, never give up. πŸ˜˜πŸ¦„βœ¨πŸŒˆβ˜οΈ

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