Time of embryo transfer

Hey lovely ladies.

I had my embryo transferred on 6th September but what make me worries is the time of transfer.

Appointment was for 2.30pm (two hours before I had pessary)

The doctor managed to see me only around 3.30pm

I read a lot about window for transfer and how is going to effect me now I don't know.

Please help.

Ps: we are doing icsi due to my partner low sperm count and my pcos

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  • When I had my transfer it was probably around an hour after it was scheduled in too, I wouldn't worry at all. We had ivf with Icsi and Im now nearly 24 weeks pregnant 😊

  • Wow. Congratulations. You made my day ⭐️🙏

  • Your welcome, I only remember so well that it was late because i needed a wee with all the water I had been drinking ha ha x

  • I wasn't told that ET timing and taking a pressary was important at all. We didn't take it into account and got a bfp

  • Hi I had my transfer on 7th 3day transfer at 10.40 was not the full 72hours the embryo was only 5cell grade two. Am keeping everything crossed only been 3days feel like am going crazy. I don't think the pessary would make much different I asked the my doctor and she said it was ok. I am the same husband has a vasectomy reversal 3years ago he also has very low count too. Xx

  • Amazing. Let's hope we both going to have bfp ☺️ I also amazed how similar our story and timing ☺️

  • Will be praying for us both ❤️️ xx

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