Frozen Embryo Transfer

Hi All. I have 10 embryos frozen as couldn't do a fresh transfer due to high level of Oestrogen.

According to doctor, the transfer will take place in October and due to my age (42)will transfer 3 embryos and he said I will be lucky if one sticks.

Has anyone else, around my age of 42 ( will be 43 in October ) had much success with transfers .

Egg collection etc went really well and now feeling anxious about next step


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  • Hi San - I'm sorry I can't offer any advice but wanted to wish you good luck for October. It's really hard to stay positive and realistic at the same time but it only takes one to stick and you could get your happy ever after x x x

  • Thank you so much for the Good Luck MommaBear16 . I really hope and pray all goes well for you too.

    Its a somewhat of an interesting journey that we are all on and hoping for the same result :)


  • Hi, I'm 39 and had 9 eggs collected, in the end only 4 made it to 5day blastocyst stage, had 2 frozen and 2 put back. Only 1 took though, and I'm now nearly 5 months pregnant . Good luck xx

  • That's amazing news Aimaim77 and thanks for sharing .

    Best of luck with rest of the pregnancy as well xx

  • Hi San, I'm 43 and we have 6 Frosties now after 3 collection cycles - planning our 1st FET in Oct/Nov. So I don't have transfer experience of my own to share yet... but I do have a friend who now has 4 boys under 3 as a result of 2 sets of 2 FETs with donor eggs where both FETs 'stuck' both times! She is tired but very happy :-) she is also now 49, so was I guess 46 at least with her first 2 X FET and then 48 with her 2nd 2 X FET!

    Best of luck


  • Thank you sipidania . It is fabulous to hear these success stories. Gives me hope😀

    Wish you the best of luck in your transfer too and keep us posted xxx

  • Likewise San - us oldies need all the good news we can get. Incidentally at my clinic (stupidly expensive in the centre of London) my doctors regularly tell me 'you're not that old'. Yes marketing, but also, they wouldn't be in business if they didn't deliver (ha!) occasionally.... :-) as a famous show once sang 'don't stop...believing....'

  • Haha you just made me laugh sipidania as I am on the underground, so got a few stares from people. And now I am humming that tune " don't stop believing :-)"

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