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Hi, I'm new to the group and just looking for some advice! Last Thursday I had a lap, ovarian drilling and the dye test done! After the op I was told I would experience slight bleeding for a few days but since the op the first few days were just very light spotting and has progressively got much heavier and sorry for tmi but I'm loosing large clots. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar to this after their surgery and I'm just panicking for no reason or if I should contact the gyne? Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hi I would definitely contact your gp and gynaecologist to discuss this even if just for reassurance xx

  • I decided to call them after I wrote this post! I just hate being a nuisance but I am awaiting a phone call back from them :) thank you for your reply xx

  • Hey you will never be a nuisance to the clinics or hospitals . Xx

  • Hi JessicaSusan1993. Any gynae surgery can bring on a period, even if it isn't due, and is quite common. Hopefully that is all that has happened, but should it worsen, then you need to speak to your specialist/GP. i do hope the ovarian drilling does the trick and regulates your ovulation, which I assume has been a problem. I feel it is worth having a go at, and hopefully that is all you need doing. Good luck!. Diane

  • Thank you very much for your reply Diane :) yes that is what I'm presuming it is, I was told I would experience some slight bleeding after but nothing about a period starting but hopefully my body has just started one naturally but because it seems to be getting heavier as the days go on instead of lighter it is concerning me a little. I have contacted the specialist I've been seeing for some advice and am just awaiting a phone call! Yes it was because of not ovulating and 4 cycles of clomid that I didn't have any response too! So fingers crossed this works and is worth it :) thank you again!x

  • Hi. That's good, at least someone is keeping an eye on you. I had the old fashioned method done a long time ago "wedge resection" and it worked for me, so keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Oh that's brilliant :) and thank you!x

  • Hi, I had a lap 3 years ago with ovarian drilling, endo removed and tubes cleared. I also lost a lot of clots and remember feeling so concerned but the hospital told me it was to be expected. I was quite uncomfortable for a good few days to. Hope you've got some answers from your GP to help put your mind at rest xx

  • Ah okay at least it isn't just me who's experiencing the clots etc! When they said slight bleeding I didn't think it would be like this! Still waiting for a call from the consultant but by the sounds of it he will just be reassuring me that it's all normal :) thank you for your reply xx

  • That's okay, I think it's just cause you don't expect to see them - well I didn't anyway. I ended up having to stay in over night on morphine but the doctor said to me it was all 'normal'. Hope your recovery is going well xx

  • No I definitely wasn't expecting to see them either! And oh bless you! And thank you xx

  • I had a laparoscopy done 6 weeks ago- I also had the dye test (all clear) he had agreed to ovarian drilling but as my ovaries aren't polycystic he didn't do it ( I can't advise on the drilling) he did find and remove endometriosis implants from my pouch of Douglas believing that to be the cause of my chronic pain and infertility.

    I had issues with my stitches - I contacted the hospital who told me to see a nurse at my doctor's surgery-my disolvable stitches didn't disolve after two weeks she pulled two of my left side wound ( I think that's where he was removing endo,) and my belly button still had one in. I was reassured to come back if I had any concerns-2 weeks later I returned as two more stitches emerged from the left side wound- typically they fell the morning I was seeing the nurse but as I had orange discharge and the wound looked red I had it checked out and again she was lovely.

    I also saw a doctor yesterday as I have been having some endo pain since I ovulated ( it was really bad throughout Monday night and I was worried) and I was nervous about going in but the doctor was really kind and gave me huge reassurance ( he is known as quite a mean doctor but he was very sweet with me.)

    I guess what I'm saying don't be afraid of having to see nurses,/,doctors if you have any concerns- it is totally understandable- you've had surgery and even if the wounds are minor the work they do inside you definitely isn't!! Contact the the hospital and they will probably advise you to see either a nurse or a doctor at your doctors practice. We need that reassurance that everything is ok. Don't feel bad for needing medical attention- people go in there for far less important reasons.

    Good luck with the recovery I hope you feel better soon xoxo

  • Oh wow it sounds like you've had a really long hard journey since your op! I hope you feel better soon and that they sort your pain out for you! This is such a long hard journey isn't it! And thank you so much for the reassurance! I am such a worrier and I hate asking for help and worry that they will be annoyed or think I'm silly for asking but you've made me feel much better about it! Thank you again xx

  • Thank you. No worries. I am the same I hate feeling like I'm being a nuisance! I didn't want to take any pain killers since I'm between ovulation and next cycle but he was like paracetamol is completely safe to take. I also worry too much and this infertility hasn't helped!!! I hope you the reassured that all is how it should be- we need to hear that from the medics not Dr Google haha! xoxo

  • Yeah I don't like taking painkiller whilst TTC either! And I know tell me about it tho whole infertility thing is the most worrying thing! Yes they have rung and said it is most likely just a period straight after surgery but if it gets worse then a normal period then to go to the GP or A&E! Google is definitely the not a good thing to search on I'm like a mad woman trying to search things most of the time haha!xx

  • Aren't we all?!!!

    I'm glad you got some reassurance and don't hesitate to go the doctors if it does get worse- that's what they're there for. Hope it calms down soon take it easy xoxo

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