Anyone experienced progesterone pessary side effects?

Hi ladies

I am currently on my 2WW (which is proving just as slow & torturous as expected, although I'm very grateful to have got this far) my ET was last Saturday (20th) with 2x 5 day blasto's. I've been on a 400g Cyclogest pessary twice a day since the 17th (2 days after EC) and I wondered if anyone has experienced unpleasant side effects on them?

My stomach has been upset the last few days, boobs are super sore & swollen & I generally feel pretty 'blugh' like I'm coming down with something or hungover! I also had light cramping and a clear discharge for a couple of days, both of which seem to have died off now.

Sorry if its tmi but my stomach often reacts when my hormone levels change as I have endometriosis and previous doctors have thought this was linked but I can't help wondering if all those symptoms are the pessary or if they could be early pregnancy symptoms. Of course we all want to think every new symptom is indeed an indication of pregnancy but I'm trying to be sensible and think it's likely to be the sheer amount of progesterone in my system 😬

Has anyone experienced these things on them?


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  • I'm using crinone pessaries and I have cramping, sore boobs, really tired and mood swings. I think it's all side effects of progesterone, even though one minute I think it's my period and then I hope I might be pregnant x

  • It all really messes with your head doesn't it Daisy32, I'm so grateful to have got this far when there's so many points along the way it could have all come to an end but it's driving me a little crazy! I've never been like this before, I'm usually pretty chilled 😩

    How far into the 2WW are you? Lots of luck xx

  • hi honey,

    i am on 3 pessaries a day on my 2ww had my transfer on 20th with 2 day embryo (because i only had one embryo they wanted to transfer straight away, my boobs are sore and i have cramping pains also and yes i know the 2ww takes forever! lol when do you go for your test?

  • Hi Hun

    Oh it certainly does! 😩 I think I have struck a balance between keeping busy and taking it easy but no matter what it's always there isn't it, that 'will it or won't it' feeling and analysing every twinge even when you're occupied.

    My clinic said test on the 4th (a week tomorrow) which just seems like eternity right now, what date have you been given Hun?

    Hope it's a happy ending for us both xx

  • Hi Liz1985, do they feel like period cramps? That's how mine feel. Was really freaking out about it Tuesday but am calmer now.

    How are you coping with 3 pessaries a day?! One is stressing me out enough! xx

  • yes daisy love like period pain cramps also i have endermetreosis which is also causing me pain at moment just hope it doesnt affect my result fingers crossed!!!My pessaries are killing me! but got to do what you got to do i suppose best of luck chicken

  • It really does! I am grateful as well, felt like I scraped through to egg transfer. The cramping is a little better today, I was speaking to a girl who is pregnant and she said she was convinced her af was coming and had loads of cramps and that made me feel a little better. I've joined you on the clear discharge bandwagon lol, that's a new one today! I test on Wednesday next week, so tempted to test before then. What about you? Lots of luck as well xx

  • yes am tempted to test early, my test date is 3rd of march so a week to go nervous times! Lots of baby dust to us all!!!!!!!

  • Hi Georgina- yes I got similar symptons on the pessaries. Could be pregnancy too, but at this stage it's probably more likely its the progesterone. Take it easy!

  • You're no doubt right JessR it's just such a stressful time isn't it, feel like I'm losing the plot sometimes! Hope things worked out well for you, thanks for your response xx

  • My test date is also the 4th. I had a slight upset stomach the first couple of days but seems ok now, just keep going abit light headed, oh yes and the heavy sore boobs ha ha. Wish I could see what was going on in there.

    Good luck everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Your symptoms sound the same as mine Button-123, lets hope it's all good for us. This time next week we'll know! But scared to do it to be honest 😳

    I wish we could see too, after all those scans where they've seen everything else you feel a bit set adrift now don't you πŸ˜• Good luck to you xxx

  • I have the same dates as you for everything. Today woke with a bad headache, sore boobs and feeling a little tired, it's the real only things I've had throughout other than a tiny bit of cramping and the pessaries leaking a little. I'm on 3 times a day. At minute I don't know what to think, it's sending dh crazy not knowing but I'm going to hold out until the last minute to test. Hope you feel better soon Hun and sending masses of luck to everyone right now xx

  • Thanks Hun, I'm also going to reeeeaaaally try not to test early, my hubby has the day off on the day so it wouldn't be fair to do it early! It just seems a long time till next Friday 😬I'm cramping a little now but hoping it's just everything stretching out. Lots of luck to you xxx

  • Hi Everyone,

    Yes 3 pessaries a day are killing me but i would put 33 in if it meant i could have my miracle!

    I am just feeling like you all are a little light headed and sore boobs clear discharge etc...god isnt this glamorous?? Lol!

    Hope we all get that all important bnp!!! my test date is 3rd so looks like i am a day before you all but will be thinking about you all on the 4th and have my fingers crossed for you all god im so so nervous just dont know whether to test early to try prepare myself but just dont want to know because i am so scared!

  • Good luck for your test, I have mine on the 2nd. I really want to test early but I know I shouldn't x

  • fingers crossed for you sweetie xxxxx

  • Forgot about the clear discharge! They defiantly don't warn you about it prior to treatment X

  • I'm hoping that's a good sign donnauk88, I've read that can be an implantation sign (instead of spotting) as the uterus is full of grooves which contain moisture which can be released when the little embryo inbeds so lets hope so. I only had that for 2 days so πŸ™πŸ»

    Lots of luck to you xxx

  • I'm the same liz1985, bit scared to do it, longest 3 mins of our lives after the longest 2 weeks! I also have endometriosis so concerned about that of course but I have heard of lots of ladies with it who go on to have multiple successful pregnancies so here's hoping for us too xxx

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