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Fed up!

So quick overview.. I had a laparoscopy in September, found endo and Cysts. So officially diagnosed now. I also had a tubal patency text. All clear - dr commented that we should have no issues falling and recommended to try as soon as I felt well enough. Dr has agreed to put me on a pill to bring on my period then clomid to help me ovulate, but wants to me to have a ‘natural’ period since my op. (Getting tempted to lie and say I’ve had one) plus OH isn’t keen on having his swimmers tested!

Previous issues beside endo/PCOS pain. Is my lack of or very irregular periods. So I can 90+ days between having periods. Then for a few months I had 30 day cycles and then back to 90+ again.

So I’m currently on CD 63, no sign of period what so ever. But I was taking opks and tempting since my op just to see. I ovulated (I think) on day CD 48 had positive test and temp, but if I have problems releasing eggs would it still do this? So if I did ovulate I’m currently 15 dpo. And have had negative pregnancy tests. Is this too early?? Really peeing me off that I don’t have a clue as to where I am in my cycles! Makes it a whole lot worse!

Sorry if that post was all over the place. I feel lost and don’t know whether to hold on to any kind of hope that maybe I’m just a little early and need to wait a few more days!! Problem is my period might not arrive for another 30 days!

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I can't imagine what your going through I'd be going nuts with cycles that crazy. I would say for the way your cycles are maybe it is too early. Also that if your period doesn't come soon and you don't fall on. Ask the docs to bring your period on somehow as this is really not good for your mental state. Also ask hubby to really think about getting tested because it's a complete minor to the tests and rubbish you gave to go through. It's a journey your in together. Sorry I can't be of much help hun I wish I could just sort it all out for you. Big hugs 💗🤗😘


Thanks Hun. Means a lot.

He will go but he’s stalling, he’s like well we have to wait for your period etc, but if he went now we would have the results and could move things along a bit quicker! So will keep pushing.

I have thought about going to the Drs and saying they need to atleast give me the pill to start my period but then how long do I leave it? As obviously don’t want to take it if I am pregnant?

My head is a mess! I last tested on Thursday I think. So going to test again tomorrow morning but I don’t feel pregnant at all. Had a few symptoms but all gone now.


It's awful what your going through bless ya. I suppose your in a big dilemma aren't you it's all down to your period or being pregnant. I know which you'd prefer. Are you still taking the Angus?

Why don't men think practical only when it suits them your right it would help speed things up a bit doing tests in the mean time while waiting for your period.

See what happens give it another week I'd say then go speak to drs you can't go on like this it's driving me mad thinking about it I can't imagine how your feeling. 💗🤗😘


No it is driving me nuts. I even got an alert from my cycle app asking my if I’ve forgotten to log my period!! Nope just haven’t had it!

Yes still taking the agnus, can’t say it’s really done anything apart from changed my CM.

I’m going to ring my drs Monday morning I think to try and get an appointment Tuesday. When I rang the other day they said the next appointment in advance is December!


Bloody hell hun. I feel for you I really do. Why can't this period just come or you have a positive preg test.

Try ringing drs again hun December is too far. I hope something happens for you before then. Bless ya. It's really sad to not know what the hecks going on

Big hugs 💗🤗😘


It is indeed! I’d rather to have a period and be on to the next cycle and try again. I know it’s that disappointment but atleast id know what was happening

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That's true. Plus when you have your period you'll get the help from docs with drugs. I hope it comes soon hun really do 💗💗🤗😘

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Thanks Hun x

Will be testing again in the morning but don’t hold out much hope really!


I know how you feel hun. Here's to hoping either way by Monday you get an answer pregnant or period. Lots of love hun 💗🤗😘

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You are in a very unwanted position as of right! I am sorry that you have to go through all this. It is very mean but it is what it is... I highly suggest that you try to relax. I know that with such bizarre cycle it will be hard for you. I don't remember having much troubles with my cycles back then. There used to be times however when my cycle would be late. That would happen without a warning. I cannot express how bad it felt... I know how frustrating it is not to know when your cycle will be back. It is a hell feeling for a woman. However try to relax a little. At this point there is nothing you can do to change the outcome. So better remain calm than stressed.

PS: The only good thing about having your uterus removed is that you wont be having periods anymore. It kinda feels good you know...


I can imagine this is utterly frustrating but the great news is that you look good inside there and tubes clear which is fantastic. A friend of mine had similar issue and Docs told her it was purely down to her being stressed about it and constantly monitoring things, she thought that was just BS as she said she didn’t feel stressed but she came off all the meds they were pumping into her, her periods before this were every 50 days. She then started to get regular periods and hey presto became pregnant and had a beautiful little girl. I know it’s easier said than done but try focus on the positives and try relax. Find something else to occupy your mind & do a little meditation etc, the body is an amazing thing and give it the right fuel and care and it’ll come good. Sorry I can’t advise on your actual questions that I’m sure are driving you nuts but just wanted to share that with you so gives you some hope & hopefully a little relaxation. Good luck Hun xx


Thanks Hun. I know what your saying. Currently not on any meds at the moment and I like it that way if I’m honest. But by the end of a long cycle I start to feel so crappy. Constantly bloated mood swings like I’ve never known, tearful etc. And can be like this for weeks as I assume my hormones are up and down constantly!

My friend suggested taking agnus cactus as she took it after being told she couldn’t have children, she took it for two months and fell pregnant naturally and still takes it Now to regulate her cycles. So that’s all I’m taking! But apart from a change in CM I haven’t really noticed much other changes.

I’ve decided not to take opks and temp anymore, as it does just stress me out. Especially as you can get a line for days with the opks and you start obsessing over them!

Took a hpt this morning and negative. So I think that’s the end of that. But I am now worried it’s actually my OH’s swimmers that are the issue. And I think he may have come to that realisation too but doesn’t want to say it out loud. I think he’s scared it is him, he’s commented before about 2 years ago, that he’s worried what will happen if it’s him.


how clean is your diet? I have completely different cycles when my diet is clean. It can be psychological too when we are constantly thinking about these things. Like women who are menopausal can bring on a flush from just thinking about it, women with acne can bring on a pimple when they think I hope I don’t get a pimple for this big event. Stands to reason we can do the same when we are stressing about periods and ovulation. There are a load of meditation vids on YouTube on this type of thing and even if you’re not into that type of Thing and think it’s a load of rubbish, I would still say go in with an open mind and try these things. The quicker your hubby gets tested, the quicker you know your options. There are plenty of women with blocked tubes and without ovaries that have little options so think positively and I’m sure it’s just a case of you stressing and time for your body to get back to normal. I’m here to chat or whenever you just want to rant. Xxx


Hey sorry late reply!!

My diet is fairly clean, it’s not perfect by any means. I like my chocolate 🍫 but it isn’t over the top either!!

I wish I could put it down to my body going back to normal but my periods have always been irregular since a teenager so that’s normal for me.

Thanks Hun xx


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