2ww club, whose with me?

2ww club, whose with me?

Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while because this time last week I thought our 3rd cycle would end just after egg collection and was gutted.

Our last scan before collection the dr said we are looking at only getting 2 mature eggs (this was devestating given our poor fertilisation % previously) and that if my DHs surgery wasn't scheduled for the Thursday she would keep me going a few more days on menopur so that the smaller follicles had a chance to grow. She said they couldn't change his surgery date and I felt like our clinic had let us down as they weren't doing what was best for us just what suited the clinic/hospital schedule!

Anyway rant over and we ended up getting fresh sperm following micro tese op and got 8 eggs the following day, 5 of which were mature. 2 fertilised which we had transferred at day 3(yesterday), one had started compacting already, (the left embryo on pic), which the embryologist said was a very good sign :)

I'm so glad my DH's painful op wasn't all done for nothing and chuffed we made it to the 2ww.

Anyone else on the 2ww? What day transfer did you have? How many embryos transferred? I think it will be nice to share this 2ww with other women in a similar boat xxx💖

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  • Lots of luck for your 2ww JoJo - sounds like you've got a couple of strong embies there. Take care of yourself x x x

  • Thank you xxx

  • I had a 5 day blastocyst transferred yesterday. I only had one good enough for freezing and couldn't have transfer after EC due to high progesterone. Heres to an easy 2 weeks for both of us. x

  • Hopefully a quick 2ww, when's your otd? Mines 5th august xxx

  • 4th August

  • Just wanted to say good luck on your 2ww xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oooh this is great news jojo..ur embies sound really strong hun..Good luck babez xxx

  • Thanks emzlou, congrats on your result and hope you don't have any more bleeding scares xxx

  • Good luck jojo!!! Xxx

  • Thanks Lianm8, have you had your scan yet? Hope your pregnancy is progressing well xxx

  • I had a scan yesterday and they could see a sac in my uterus but as its so early still can't be 100% sure it's a viable pregnancy yet. They also saw something in my left ovary which they are suspicious could be my second embryo but again far too early to tell 😢 I am hoping it's a cyst and the sac in my uterus is our baby xx my HCG levels rose from 183 on Friday to 974 yesterday so I was all quite negative at the EPU but then the phoned me with the results and said its looking better. Having another blood test tomorrow to check its doubled and then another scan next Tuesday to have a look at the sac and my left ovary to see what one is growing - just one hurdle after another!!!

    When is your OTD? How are you feeling? Xx

  • Fingers crossed for your next scan and hope pretty soon you get a strong heartbeat ❤

    My otd is the 5th august,trying to stay positive and avoid google at this point xxx

  • Thank you! Have everything crossed for you xx

  • Hi good luck to you . I had my transfer Sunday a day two transfer of only one embryo the other one didn't make it . It was a grade 2 , 1 being the best . This is our second and last try as financially we just cannot go again so I'm so so praying this will work. Been trying to take it easy and not stress. How about you X

  • Hi, hopefully this will be the 1 for you :) when is your otd? I've been resting mostly, had a day with my nephews yesterday and the wore me out I was asleep by 9pm lol xxx

  • I don't test until two weeks after transfer 7th August X horrible this two week wait .

  • Our clinic do blood test does yours? Although usually I cheat and do one at home the day before otd xxx

  • No I just do a test at home . Though I'm going to start testing early last time it was awful when it didn't work I need to prepare myself this time X

  • Yeah me too I'll do one the day before I think although DH isn't keen it does help prepare mentally if its bfn xxx

  • Let's hope it's going to be good news for us xx

  • Good Luck X

  • Thanks button, good luck with your new clinic they sound good xxx

  • Good luck, the 2ww is so incredibly hard but it does end eventually I promise! Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Daisy, this is our 3rd 2ww so just hope this time it ends with a positive result. Congrats on your BFP xxx

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