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Ovary drilling

Hello ladies

I'm just wondering if anyone has had their ovarys drilled? I had an emergency lap a year ago and I have endo and pcos - tests have shown i do not ovulate on my own I saw my consultant in the week who said it's either clomid or ovary drilling - she advised OD because clomid makes endo grow back quicker I have taken clomid once... In just wondering if anyone has had it and can explain a bit more about their experience like recovery time, pain, benefit of having it done and if it helps im with fertility?

Thanks in advance,

Kate xxxx

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Hi Kate. They found that my follicles weren't maturing sufficiently naturally so I had ovarian drilling back in Feb 2013 (op was fine, 3 tiny scars, a week of mild discomfort). I still hadn't fallen pregnant by May 2013 so my consultant put me on Tamoxifen (he believes in it over Clomid). First month, nothing. Second month, trebled the dose. In the meantime we'd been referred and approved for IVF which I was due to start on 4th October. Found out I was pregnant with our first child on 12th September!!! I'm now 33 weeks and all is well. So, it all worked out wonderfully for me! I'm 37 and we have no other children. Nice to hear a success story for once eh? Wish you all the luck in the world Kate! X


Don't know if that was clear but we never got to IVF, the drilling and Tamoxifen worked for me :-)


Hey, wow congratulations that's amazing I bet you can't wait to hold your bubba after the long time it took to conceive - I guess that's why we do these things! I wish you all the best for your birth!

Okay it doesn't sound that bad tbh... I just don't want to be off work and uni for too long! I have had a lap but I don't remember the first 3 days after it as I will still in hospital and on allot of pain killers... So I'm kinda a bit scared. I think I will have ovary drilling and see how it goes after that I have had one round of clomid and a trigger shot but it made me really unwell and gyne didn't want me to take anymore... Maybe I can suggest what you took if I have no luck :)!

Thank you again and good luck xxxxx


the problem with od is it can leave scar tissue on your ovary.I had od in 2012 and have been in more pain since to the point where im going to loose my ovary


Oh right ... Thanks for you input - I'm sorry your going through that :/.... However i seem to think if you don't try you never know and ATM it's my only chance so not going to loose anything either way..x


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