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Clomid after ovarian drilling? Please help!

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone is able to help at all. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for two years without any success or even a period for that matter! I have severe pcos and haven't had a period in the two years iv been off the pill.

My consultant recommended ovarian drilling before clomid and I finally had that done 7 weeks ago. Since then I have not had a period, have had negative ovulation tests and negative pregnancy tests. So overall a big disappointment.

Has anyone started clomid after ovarian drilling? We have an appt with the consultant tomorrow and I'm desperate to start clomid. Is it too soon? Also when you start clomid, do they give it to you there and then? I guess I will need something to kick start a bleed too. Do you usually have to go back to get it or is it all a prescription?

Any help or info about the whole

Clomid/provera process would be so gratefully appreciated! I'm feeling so anxious :-(

Thanks everyone x

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Hey, sorry to hear your treatment currently hasn't done what you expected to do. I haven't had ovarian drilling as my doctor is slack in the investigation part but I have been prescribed clomid for 6 months and after two months I'm now on a higher dosage of it due to no ovulation. I was prescribed provera to take 3 times a day for 7 days to induce a bleed then on the second day of the bleed I began taking 50mg of clomid for 5 days. Was pretty lucky didn't have many side effects but it's recommended you take it at night anyway then you sleep through them. My doctor then had me come back between day 19-21 to have a blood test to check hormone levels and see if I had ovulated which I did after the first cycle unfortunately the second cycle I didn't that's when they decided to up the dosage. It honestly hasn't been as bad as what I thought and I have read a lot of success stories on the internet which has made me feel very positive! Wishing you all the luck in the world!



Hi Spongy. Only just read your post, so you may have already had your appointment today. Usually when women do not have a period after the drilling, they are given a drug to induce a “fake” bleed in order to start treatment with Clomid. The whole point of the drilling is to hopefully allow an egg to “get out”, either on its own, or in your case after some stimulating treatment. I’m sure your consultant will come up with a tried and tested way forward with treatment. Good luck! Diane


Thank you Meggles and Diabe for your replies. I am just on my way to my appointment now and am feeling very anxious.

I really hope he doesn't say I need to wait longer after surgery to start clomid. It's been 7 weeks since the op and I just can't face waiting anymore.

Meggles... Have you started the increased dosage yet? When will you find out if it has worked? I have everything crossed for you. This journey is just such a rollercoaster of emotion isn't it?

Does the consultant usually give a prescription for the clomid or any fertility drugs or do they have them there? Oh I hope today I get to start some treatment. Will let you know later.

Thanks both so much for the support, hugely appreciated.

Vicky xx


Hi Vicky. Any drug treatment is usually prescribed by the hospital consultant, so that you can get under way. I still think that they will give you something to start a false period, if they are going to treat you with Clomid, as it is best started on the 2nd day of a period, and then is just taken for 5 days. This may be prescribed for up to 6 months providing your tubes are OK. Try not to get too worked up Vicky, as you are under way with treatment now. Unfortunately, with infertility treatments, however soon they are started, they do take a while to complete. I'll be thinking of you. Diane


Thanks so much for the reassurance. It's just such a frustrating process. I'm really trying to stay calm but I can't deny it is difficult.

I will check back in later and let you know! I may be either venting or worrying.... Fingers crossed.

Thanks again,

Vicky x


We'll be waiting here for you! Diane


Ok so... I had a scan which showed my lining was very thin and no follicles maturing so I have clomid to start today. I'm to take for 5 days and go back for a scan on Friday next week. I know it's a small step but it's better than nothing. I want to be hopeful but it's all so scary. Thanks so much for your support!


Hi. I do hope that this does the trick for you and your next scan shows some signs of ovulation. Good luck. Diane


Hey Vicky! I know my emotions have been all over the place. I have started my increased dosage this cycle I'm on cycle day 12 so I should start ovulating soon and the horrid back ache I have been having the last couple of days would suggest that but I have a blood test next Friday to confirm whether I ovulated or not. I know it's difficult but I look at it as a positive as there are so many options now for us who struggle in the fertility department (my husbands test were all super so know it's deffinately me) And I feel very lucky as I know so many people who have to fight hard to get a clomid prescription! You will get it in prescription form with the period inducing drugs. You have tonnes of support on this board so any questions feel free to ask away! Xx Megan


Thanks Megan. I have everything crossed for you and hope this is the month for you. You are absolutely right about there being lots of options... It can be hard to remember sometimes but you have to stay positive. My hubby is all fine too it's just my pcos. Absolute nightmare!

I got my clomid today, starting on 50mg from today. He did a scan to show it's safe to start today and I will be scanned again next Monday.

Do you use ovulation predictor kits? Let me know any news... I will be waiting hopefully for you xx


That's good they are scanning you as I didn't even have that! I was told to avoid using opks as they are expensive and the drugs can interfere with the result so I have just learnt to to symptom log and temperature check that seems to be quite reliable although it took a little while to get in tune with my body and what it was doing so it takes practice! My fingers are crossed for you! It's so comforting to have a place where everybody supports each other! Xx Megan

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