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Ovarian drilling

Hi guys, I'm new here so just looking forward to some support. I'm 22 (almost 23) I've been trying to conceive for 2 years. I have pcos and so I've been on metformin 500mg (2times a day) and Clomid as well (I've tried 5pmg and 100 mg but still hasn't worked). I had my ovarian drilling done just over a month ago and got my period a week later, still no ovulation. Just wondering if anyone else has failed after their ovarian drilling.

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Hi, I had ovarian drilling about 3 years ago before trying 7 months of clomid with no success and no ovulation. I've since had 4 cycles of IVF. Maybe give it another month or 2 so your body can get in sync and then think about speaking to your consultant. Lots of luck x


Thanks so much! If you don't mind, Why hasn't it worked out for you yet?I'm losing hope after this ovarian drilling.


I wish I knew tbh, I have PCOS and endo so don't ovulate at all. My first cycle of IVF I fell pregnant but miscarried followed by 2 unsuccessful FET's. I've just had a 2nd fresh cycle and found out over a week ago I'm pregnant again so I'm keeping everything crossed this is my rainbow baby. I think I always knew clomid was never going to work for me. Has your consultant said anything about you trying anything else?


Congratulations!! Hope all goes well for you and the baby. Well i had 4 cycles of Clomid with metformin before I had ovarian drilling.

1st month (50mg clomid) day 21 progesterone was 0.7

2nd month (100mg) day 21 progesterone was 50

3rd month was (100mg) day 21 was 9.5

4th cycle 4 (100mg) day 21 was 5

Progesterone should've been at least 25.

Apparently I just ovulated by chance in the 2nd cycle.

Had my ovarian drilling then

1st cycle after that on metformin and Clomid (50mg) my day 21 was 0.9

She's told me to try 100mg next cycle. She'll be sending me an appointment if it doesnt work this cycle as Well.


It's really heard dealing with the disappointment each month isn't it, I hope 100mg with metformin brings you more luck - I have a couple of friends who have conceived from taking both.

I don't know how you feel about IVF but maybe if you still don't ovulate it's something you could discuss at your next apt. For me I couldn't wait to start as I just felt I was wasting my time knowing clomid wasn't working.


I know! Finally someone who thinks the same as me! I've been dying to start Ivf ever since I found out that Clomid hadn't worked in cycle 1. Just waiting for her to do this month and then get referred for Ivf. How was your Ivf experience?


Fingers crossed this month you'll get the referral. Tbh my first cycle I was really excited I found the unknown of the process quite difficult but it sadly ended it a lot of heart break. I only found this forum after my 3rd cycle it's been an amazing support during my last cycle but if you can be here from the beginning it'll definitely help. Theres always people to ask questions to and to vent about how your feeling because it is emotional and physically draining but i always say just take each day as it comes and have small things to look forward to along the way.


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