The negativity has kicked in πŸ˜”

I'm 7dp5dt and the negativity has kicked in big time and can't shake it. We've been away at the weekend to try and distract us which did a little bit but since we got home yesterday lunch time I've been so down. Our car sunroof exploded whilst we were away which we thought someone had smashed it but now looks like it's a rare fault. Just can't help thinking I'm unlucky as a number of unlikely events have happened to me over the last couple of years. Even my hubby thinks I'm jinxed!

I have only been pregnant once before and that was naturally and I knew I was before we tested. I don't feel pregnant at all now and just don't think it's worked. I had some mild cramps yesterday which just feels like I'm due on. I'm sure it's only the pessaries stopping it. I stupidly took my temperature this morning in the hope of it being high but it was only 36.6 which is normally about when I come on.

I know I'm not feeling any different than most in the 2ww but I just needed to share with someone other than my husband who is so supportive and positive but also annoying rational so doesn't sometimes get the way my brain plays up!

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  • I know exactly how you feel I'm day five and the negativity is hard to try and keep out of the mind but until proved otherwise we just need to try and keep positive and keep our minds busy :) hope your okay xx

  • It's tough isn't it. I just can't seem to focus on anything else and really don't want to be at work! X

  • I've took this week of going to go back Monday.. but I've made lots of plans with my friends and family and started a series on Netflix:) x

  • That's a good idea. πŸ˜€I thought being at work would be a distraction. We went to Brighton for the weekend to try and keep busy. Enjoy your new series πŸ˜€ x

  • Totally understandable your feeling this way! I think sometimes the negativity is also a way of protecting ourselves through the 2ww. Try to keep positive though x

  • I think it is. I said to my hubby yesterday if it's negative don't you dare say you were expecting it to be! It will hurt no matter how much you protect you try to protect yourself. It's such a long two weeks x

  • Exactly, no matter how you feel nothing will make a negative easier but keeping everything crossed it won't come to that! Ah the 2ww is the worst x

  • It certainly is. My hubby said last night it's not just two weeks of worry it's nine months of it if it's positive! Are you ready for your new cycle? X

  • Very true, then a whole different worry when their never ends!

    I think so, trying not to compare it to last year as I'm worried it won't be as successful as that was but strangely excited that the only time I've ever been pregnant was from a fresh cycle so hoping this time will be the one x

  • Just a coincidence. Couple of it.

    It`s ok not to feel pregnancy symptoms.

    Yep, rationality of your husband doesn`t helps, so ask him to keep his minds unspoken, so it`d be better for both (you and child, and even for him, in most cases).

    All should be find.

    If you wish to be busy try some kind of hobbies, like knotting or painting.

    P.S.: helped me last time, when I was 2ww last time (few years ago).

  • I'm afraid I don't have any advice but just wanted to say you're not alone. I am only four days in and am normally quite a positive person but I've had really negative feelings about it all today. Probably just protecting myself as I've had so many let downs over the last few years so trying not to get my hopes up I suppose.

    I had my transfer on Thursday afternoon, had Friday off work and the weekend but was straight back to work at 7.00 this morning and had such a busy day. Feels so weird when nobody knows anything about it!

    Try to stay as positive as possible and keep busy so less time to think about it. And if you have a down day you know there are plenty of us here in the same boat so we can all support each other 😊

  • Also, like you, I have period like cramps today too but trying not to think anything of it as I think the progesterone can cause things like that. I have this weird thing today where things taste funny (had a coffee this morning which I always make half normal half decaf, same as always but it tasted like stewed tea and made me feel sick!) Also have that mouth watering thing when you're about to be sick... all just weird effects of pumping our bodies full of drugs I imagine!

  • Yes I've googled a few times and the symptoms are all the same be it a positive pregnancy, af or side effects from the pessaries. I've had an upset tummy for a few days too. It's hard work isn't it but just have to try and be positive and patient. Patience has never been my strong point! X

  • Ha! Same here! Urgh at least you are further on than me. I have another 10 days of this torture before before my blood test πŸ˜ͺ Saying that, the last two rounds I got AF after 10 days both times so I should probably know sooner if it hasn't worked.

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