The merry-go-round continues

I had a blood test done locally yesterday instead of traveling to clinic. Found out this afternoon the blood test has gone up from 138 which was Monday, to 257!!! It's still too low as that's across 3 days, but now very confused as it was expected to go down, not up!! I've bled heavily since Sunday!! Like same as my period or worse some days. I thought it was stopping today but it's getting a bit heavier again. Just don't know what to think with all this. And can't even get excited. So I'm still pregnant but it still looks bad. I've to get another blood test next Thurs. Doc says just have to wait and see... aaarghh!!! πŸ™

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  • Ohh so sorry WeeMrsh,

    I'm thinking about you. Just wait and watch. I know it's tough and hard but not impossible.

    Wish you all the best for next test. I hope it will stop soon.

    Take care

  • What a nightmare for you I can't imagine what's going through your head right now I would be a complete basketcase. Thinking of you & sending love & hugs. Xxx

  • How stressful for you sweetie, thinking of you xxx

  • Thinking of you. It'd be a bit daft to tell you to forget about it for the weekend. But try and enjoy it as much as you can. You know where I am xx

  • Oh my gosh! What a nitemare, I'd be all over the place. Still keeping my fingers crossed, hope your feeling ok. Sending hugs xx ❀

  • Oh WeeMrsH, what a flipping nightmare you are in!! I can only imagine the turmoil that you're in! Thinking of you!xx

  • It's all a bit must be going crazy!! Take care and let us know any developments.

    Thinking of you 😘

  • It's like last year all over again. That ended at 6w difference being I still bled every day but very lightly. So I could get my head around still being pregnant (however short lived it was) but this is blowing my mind with the amount of blood I have lost... I still believe it's only going to end one way, but keeping that small ickle tiny spec of hope that I'm one of those funny ones that works out xx

  • So sorry you are going through this, thinking of you and praying it has a positive ending xx

  • Oh that's awful; to have to keep living in limbo. Thinking of you xx

  • Sorry hunxxx can the docs not do anything sooner as it's torture for u ! Xxx

  • So awful your having all this stress, but there is still hope keeping everything crossed for youπŸ™β€πŸ’‹

  • Sorry dear

    But fingers crossed things turn around for u Xx

  • Oh my word Hun what a total head f*** 😳 I'm really hoping it will be good news for you, just more waiting now 😩 Everything crossed xxx

  • Oh no... I'm so sorry that this is dragging on for you, it's so cruel. Thinking of you xxx

  • Sending you are virtual hug! I'm sorry that you are having to go through this turmoil.

  • How are you doing?? Xx

  • It's still going up which is a good sign though. Fingers are still crossed and hope the numbers rocket up so you can finally get to enjoy it x

  • How's it going

  • How are you doing Hun? Xx

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