5dp5dt - negativity kicked in

Currently 5dp5dt on our first ivf cycle and I'm having a really down / negative day!! πŸ˜” I've managed to convince myself (& through too much google) that it hasn't worked!! No symptoms at all, feel almost back to normal (just tired - but that's probably stress) so I've convinced myself it's not worked!! Any positive news / encouraging stories?! x

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  • A lot of people had no symptoms and got bfp xx

  • Thank you!! 🀞🏻x

  • Hi Leo2017, i can relate as yesterday i sobbed for hours with the same concerns. I am 8dp5dt and apart from the occasional stitch have no symptoms at all. Not even sure that means anything either. Feeling better today even though OTD tomorrow and nerves really kicking in. Its a rollercoaster of emotions! I have no words of wisdom but just wanted to say stay strong. Its hard not to read too much into everything but i find even a walk to the shops can do the world of good. But then so can a good cry! You are not alone and i hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you, what a kind reply & I really wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow!! 🀞🏻

    It's interesting how clinics have diff OTD durations after transfer mine isn't until 14 days after transfer!!

    My other half is amazing but this is without a doubt the loneliest thing I've ever faced!! So tough!! πŸ˜” xx

  • I couldn't agree more. Nothing or nobody can prepare you for this. Every step feels like an uphill struggle. Everyday is a worry. My clinic do a blood test. Is it the same for you? Even the advice differs. I was told a bath is fine but others are advised not to.

    Thank you x and best of luck for your test day too xx

  • That is so true, every milestone is a hurdle & full of worry!!

    No mine is just a urine test which perhaps explains the later testing!!

    Praying for positive news for you tomorrow!! πŸ™ xx love your profile pic, my wee fur baby is helpn get me thru each day 😻

  • Thank you x ...she is my world. She was hit by a car a few weeks ago. I've not felt heartache like it!! Thankfully doing well after op and lots tlc xxx

  • Aw I'm sorry to hear that but pleased she's doing well!!

    I know exactly how you feel my wee guy means the world to me, such amazing therapy as well!! 😻xx

  • I've got a boy also and although cuddly at times he's very independant and an assassin! whereas my little girl follows me everywhere. She literally wouldn't harm a fly. You are so right! They are a great comfort at times like this :) xx

  • Hey I'm 5dp5dt too with my first round and I have no symptoms, I don't even feel as tired as I was at the end of last week. The only thing I do have is sore boobs but I get that anyway when it's coming up to that time of the month! Try not to worry about it too much some people don't have any symptoms at all. Try to stay positive and keep your mind occupied! Easier said than done I know! Maybe a nice walk to clear your head or get yourself lost in a good book! I hope rest of this week goes fast for you and hoping for good news on your test day. Xxx

  • Sounds so similar, no symptoms now & even my boobs are not really sore since y'day!! I've been so tired since transfer but even that has lessened today!!

    It drives you crazy doesn't it, overanalysing every detail with no idea what to expect being my first cycle - I've convinced myself AF is imminent!!

    Thank you, I've started watching a new box set which might slightly distract me but I think a walk and some fresh air is a good plan!!

    Wishing you a speedy few days also and a positive test day!! πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€xxx

  • Yes it's so hard not to overanalyse everything. At least distractions are a help! I've been told by someone else going through ivf to leave Google alone during the 2ww and to stop looking for symptoms! Looking forward to hearing your news next week ❀️ Xx

  • That's a really good tip, wish I'd listened to it b4, I think I might stay off Dr Google for a bit!! 😏

    Thank you and same goes to you, hoping for good news for us both!! πŸ’— xx

  • I too m on the same boat as you. I am 8pt3dt. I m experiencing the odd back ache from the second day of my transfer. I feel like af can come anytime and is just waiting for me to remove the extra support I m giving to my uterus (progesterone). It's very scary. My otd is 8/Sep. I really want to prepare my self for worst , so I m thinking of doing test early. May be tomorrow. But not sure if I have the courage though . When is your otd? How are you feeling?

  • Feel the same, that AF could appear anytime - feel like mine might appear even before OTD, even with taking cyclogest!! Not sure how to work out when AF would be due but I'm guessing Fri!!

    My OTD isn't until 14th - is yours a blood test?! Mine seems so far away compared to others on similar post transfer days but my test is just urine test!!

    Wishing you the very best of luck!! πŸ™xx

  • Thanks dear and to you too. I was told that I have my test booked for 8th and I will get the result by 12. So I think that it means blood test, sorry I forgot to ask. On that day I was so determined to believe that I will not reach the OTD,so didn't even bother to ask. I think I have become most passimist person on earth after this treatment. Hope I will be able to change my perspective soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us. 🀞🏻I even started asking about the second cycle to be followed and what protocol to choose. Consultant was pissed off and asked me to be positive. I am laughing now about it but those sessions were really dreadful.

  • Ah that makes sense, mine is a poas on 14th!!

    Can totally relate to the pessimism....I'm never normally like this but I've convinced myself this hasn't worked so much so that I've started looking at the frozen process as we have 3 frozen embies!!

    My OH keeps telling me to think more positively it's not over yet!! He's def more positive than me!! xx

  • Symptoms don't mean anything. Loads of people have no symptoms. I am on the 2 week wait at the moment and have loads of symptoms but I know it's just the bloody steroids! Good luck? Hope you get your bfp x

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