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Feeling rubbish (5weeks 4 days intense lower right cramps, severe sickness and keytones in urine)

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Sorry for the long post, I just really need to feel heard - feel like the clinic and EPU don't care.

Hi everyone, I'm on my second round, 4th transfer and we had our bfp on 5th April (first time we have ever gotten this far, the other 3 all failed to implant). Currently 5weeks 4days pregnant.

I've been having some light spotting and pink discharge on wiping for a couple of days which has been accompanied by a horrible cramping type pain (like awful ovulation pain) next to my right hip.

Since yesterday I have been so sick, literally couldn't keep down water! I was freaking out that it was my appendix (between the pain and nausea). Saw my GP who has prescribed anti nausea meds due to high key tones in urine but she can't rule out ectopic pregnancy or appendicitis without a scan.

EPU and my fertility clinic won't scan me before 6 weeks to check for ectopic unless I have heavy bleeding (which I don't, thankfully!).

Has anybody been through spotting, cramping pain and sickness and had a good outcome? It feels like I'm just anxiously counting down the minutes until our 6 week scan on April 20th!

Worried that my line on the 12th looks lighter than the line on the 10th 😭

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Hiya. Ive been brown staining / red blood with blood clots and some pain from i was 5 half weeks pregnant. Im now just over 9 weeks pregnant staining has die down but still get a few pains in my groin/leg they found out yeaurday at my scan ive some brusing around my womb that could ve causing it. O and the sickness i. Couldn't move outa bed for a full 2 werks i was that bad couldnt keep nothing down and had no apatite at all. Thats all away 2 thank god 🙏. Hopeing everything goes well try get a private scan booked for 6 weeks i. Went at 5 and half weeks private and could just see the sak an yolk sending you lots off baby dust xx

Thanks so much for responding, I really appreciate it. I didn't even realise I could get a private scan that early but good to know that some places will see you at 5.5 weeks.

Really glad you're feeling better and that everything is progressing healthily, fingers crossed that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth x

Hi LegoBatgirl. Oh dear! Sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection. I would speak to your GP and drink lots o9f water. Good luck! Diane

Thanks for the reply, I'm feeling a bit more calm for a nap (I was particularly frazzled from being over tired). I'm still getting quite a lot of pink spotting from my vagina when I pee just keeping everything crossed that this isn't the end of the pregnancy x

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to LegoBatgirl

Hi. If you are using pessaries vaginally that could be the cause. If so try them in your back passage for a few days. Keep an eye out for urine infection too. Drink plenty of water and rest when you can. Diane

Thanks, I swapped the pessaries over to my back passage a couple of days ago when I first started spotting but I'll definitely keep an eye out for UTI symptoms. Thanks again x

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to LegoBatgirl


Sorry to hear you’re still having this continued worry. Will the EPU not do HCG bloods? I know you can’t be scanned before 6 weeks but because I am high risk for ectopic I had repeat HCG bloods taken. If the pain worsens you could go to A&E and they would do bloods to even get an initial HCG reading. So sorry, it all sounds very stressful. X

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Lou9

Thanks, the pain is manageable at the moment (I was told not to go to A+E unless I was in severe pain or had heavy bleeding). I'm going to see how I am overnight but if it gets worse I'll go to A+E tomorrow. If not I'll just have to live with the light pink/watery bleeding til the 20th (it seems like it's forever away!)

Hey legobatgirl, I cant help with some of the things you're dealing with. However I had a bit of spotting and sharp pains. Implantation continues after the initial 2ww so could be causing your issues. With regards to your pregnancy test maybe being lighter, well I know how hard it is to stop testing but please do try. Pregnancy tests arent designed to measure hCG and eventually get to a saturation point called the hook effect when your hCG gets so high that the tests get confused and can go lighter. It's a real thing, google it! I hope all is ok and just try to get through each day until your scan. Lots hugs, it's a hellishly anxious time.xxx

Thanks, it's been so worrying and the nausea and lack of sleep aren't helping - everything seems to be designed to make me feel anxious at the moment!

I will try to stop testing, it's been keeping me sane to see an actual line but like you said, it's not actually "measuring" anything

The anxiety is crippling at times after a BFP but you'll get there. I used to make myself go for a wee away from any tests first thing so I couldn't test every day!🤣🙈 I just wouldnt like to see you even more stressed out if your lines go lighter and like I say the hook effect is real, you can see pics on google.xxx

Thanks, it's good to know. I can't honestly tell if the colour of the lines is changing or if I'm just obsessively squinting and convincing myself it is!

Plus I'm always comparing a fresh test with an older one so it might be to do with the way the lines have dried - who knows!

I know you've got a lot of experience with looking at tests, does it look any lighter to you or am I just being paranoid?

Gosh it's really hard to say! I'm usually looking at pink lines, not so used to these. They are very similar but you're right....older tests darken up and comparing them to fresh tests is tough....also the control line in the latest one looks lighter which suggests its stealing more dye for the test line but not seeing them in person is different too!! What I would say is they have progressively gotten darker which can only be a good thing. Hang on in there hun.xxx

Thanks, the waiting is excruciating - I'm so glad I have this forum!

Absolute life saver at times.xxx

Yeah they won’t scan until 6w even at private scans, as there’s very little to see and wouldn’t be able to confirm anything. Your tests have good strong lines. I had terrible cramping with my first and I didn’t even know I was pregnant I thought it was more bowel related. Try to stay positive x

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LegoBatgirl in reply to gcw104

Thanks so much for your reply, it feels like Tuesday is years away. I'm technically 6 weeks on Saturday but I can't work out if it's worth getting a private scan then or just waiting the 3 days for the NHS scan.

I guess knowing won't change anything, there's nothing I can do x

Easier said than done but try not to worry. My friend has spotting from the pessaries but now doesn't put them up so far and it's resolved. You can cramp a lot in early pregnancy too. Think we're a couple days apart (my OTD was 4th April) and I'm starting to feel very nauseous too, nearly threw up today. Expecting sickness to fully kick in any day! My scan is 21st. I'll keep everything crossed for you. `My friend who was spotting has just had a first scan and all was fine xxx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to CAS2

Thanks so much, I'm hoping it's not over. Just trying to stay positive but the cramps moved to my lower back. Not spotting at the moment but hoping that's a good sign. I'm not sure if I even still have symptoms anymore with them putting me on the anti-nausea drugs!

Fingers crossed everything progresses safely for you x

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CAS2 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Anti-nausea drugs are fab. That will be why you feel less symptoms.I've always found the symptoms and sickness come and go. I'm so tired at the moment I think I could stay in bred 24/7...

Hope you are feeling better today than you have been? I suffered nausea all the way through my pregnancy and all my ivf treatments. Just mainly having the feeling and only occasionally the sickness. I lived on ginger biscuits. Thinking of you. Xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to cazchoc

Thanks so much for checking in. I'm feeling less sick now that I'm on the anti-nausea meds (but it might be my hcg levels falling so I feel less sick, just trying to be positive.)

I'm a lot calmer now, I panicked when I first saw blood but I know that there's nothing I can do but wait until Tuesday and hope. Whatever the scan says I'll either be right that I've miscarried (so I'll have at least learned what the signs are for my body, we've never gotten this far before) or it might be that I've had a "threatened miscarriage". I'm keeping everything crossed but I don't have the energy to panic anymore- I'm too burned out!

Hi there, sorry to hear about your woes. I had lots of cramping in my first 7/8 weeks, especially weeks 4-5. That was just implantation cramping and I’m 17 weeks pregnant now with twins.

As for the sickness, It sounds like your pregnancy sickness has kicked in. Mine did around this time as well, and I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It’s not morning sickness, and it can’t be solved with ginger anything. It’s a separate, debilitating condition that needs medical treatment. If you’re still sick, I would recommend that you ask the EPU or your midwife to refer you to an Obstetric Medicine consultant. I struggled through my first trimester being sick and vomiting all day long until I went under the care of that specialist consultant and they found a rotation of drugs that worked for me. I sincerely hope you don’t have HG (I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!) but if you do, get help sooner rather than later.

I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy .

Thanks so much for replying, unfortunately I started heavy bleeding and my HCG is way down, I'm not even feeling sick anymore and breasts have stopped feeling tender so I know it's over. I just have to wait for a scan to confirm and go over how to manage it x

Oh no, I’m so sorry to read this. Having been through it myself, I can imagine the range of emotions you’re experiencing. Sending you lots of healing light to get through this time.

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