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Frustratedly waiting for test results


Hi, I'm new to this site. Sorry for moaning!

I've been TTC for almost 2 years. My 1st child is nearly 3. It only took 4 months to conceive my daughter and naively I thought it would be easy to fall pregnant again, despite being 41 when my daughter was born!

My GP referred me to a fertility clinic at my local hospital and I had a consultation with a nurse. She arranged a HSG and AMH blood test in April. She told me that every if the tests come back normal it's unlikely I'll ever get pregnant because of my age. I was absolutely devastated.

The nurse also told me my FSH level was raised.

I'm almost certain that one of my tubes is blocked.

I'm getting frustrated because no one will give me the results of the tests until I have an appointment to see my consultant. The hospital can't tell me when the appointment will be.

I just can't stand the uncertainty of having to wait for so long and have convinced myself it'll be bad news.

I know I'm luck I have a daughter but I feel like I've let her and my partner down by not being able to have another child.

Sorry for moaning, I'm have a bad day.

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Hey Hugsie, I am so sorry you are feeling like this. I don't think it is fair for the nurse to say you wont have any more children due to your age when she wont disclose your results etc. I have just had first cycle of IVF at 44 at got a BFP. Don't give up hope you have already had one child so cant see why you would not be able to get pregnant again!! xxx Just wait and see what the consultant has to say. Fingers crossed for you xxx

Congratulations on your BFP!

Thanks for your kind words. I will try to stay positive until I speak to my consultant! xxx

Sorry to hear you've had a bad day, it's a long hurtful process for all regardless of situation. Are you going to a private clinic or NHS? To save yourself the time I'd go straight to a private clinic as the NHS aren't going to help you much beyond where you are as you have a child already. Private you will get results and answers quickly and at least know where you stand. You can then use those findings and go back to the NHS if treatment required is covered by them. I say this as I remember the 2 years of waiting and then being told I'm at the end of the road good luck!

Hugsie in reply to Mrsjj

Thanks for your kind words. It's a NHS clinic. I'll definitely look into going private, then at least I'll know soon. x

Mrsjj in reply to Hugsie

Have you tried to ring the consultants secretary and see if they have results? That's my only other suggestion x

Hugsie in reply to Mrsjj

My GP suggested that too! The secretary wouldn't give me the results and said the consultant wouldn't speak to me either. I asked if he could write to my GP instead, but he won't do that either. x

Mrsjj in reply to Hugsie

I've just read you have your date that's good news at last. Let's hope the tests come back ok and they are just being slow. I would say your going to have to do your own research based on what they might tell you but don't buy in to that 'too old' rubbish beacUs you aren't. Keep us posted x

So sorry for you.

Why did nurse says that you can`t become pregnant again?

You got positive experience in past and good results in present.

"I'm getting frustrated because no one will give me the results of the tests until I have an appointment to see my consultant. The hospital can't tell me when the appointment will be."

Are they out there crazy? And if you change the clinic, then what?

I would have done exactly that (changed clinic) in your situation. At least for the duration of the consultation.

Hugsie in reply to Alice_W123

The nurse said my FSH results were raised and due to my age it would be unlikely I'd get pregnant again.

It's an NHS clinic, so no option to change clinics unless I go private. I spoke to his secretary to see if he could pass on the test results to my GP. I was told the consultant won't write out and I'd have to wait for an appointment. She didn't see anything wrong with having to wait 4 or 5 months for my results!

I think it's probably time to consider going private, at least I won't have to wait months for the results.

Alice_W123 in reply to Hugsie

It`s terrible to wait such a long term only to get your results.

You decision about making tests in private clinics seems the best option.

So you`ll be able to get results asap and start you treatment (if necessary).

P.S.: as soon you`d do this the better chances you`ll get.

I've just called the hospital. They've just given me a date for my appointment!

I'm booked in for an ultrasound and to see the consultant on 7 August.

I feel relieved that I only have a month to wait until I find out my results! x

It is definitely a relief to finally have a date!

You're right, I'll need to do some research depending on whether I need further treatment.

I'll keep you posted xx

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