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Waiting, waiting, waiting

Sorry for a rant but I'm so tired of Waiting! We wait for 12 months, wait for referral, wait for tests, wait for consent etc. Now I'm waiting for results of biopsy later today and to give consent again so we can hopefully plan our FET which with crimbo coming up will be next year.

Having a crappy week this week, one of the girls is pregnant at work and another visited with her baby last week. I couldn't even stand to be in the same room and then felt like a right bitch for leaving! Just can't win lol.

Sorry for the moan Guys, suppose it'

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Ahhh hadn't finished lol

Suppose it's not helped by that Monday feeling.

Thanks for listening have a good day all I'm going to put my big girl pants on and face the world! Right after this cup of tea 😉


it bloody sucks though having to wait for something that is so basic and it makes you angry as you think why should I lose out!


Hi Vicky-01. Oh dear! Good to have a rant though. The feelings you are experiencing are quite normal with all that waiting. Babies come and go and we feel left behind, still trying. You just look after you for now, you're not a nasty person, just want your own baby. Unfortunately, Crimbo does wind everything down, treatment wise, but as soon as it is over you will be able to get cracking and sort out that little embie so it can be back inside you where he/she belongs. Thinking of you. Diane


it's always the way isn't it how everything goes wrong at the same time and of course you were upset when the baby was brought in because you want that for yourself but are annoyed because you have to wait and it brought up feelings of jealousy and resentment in you as you want that but it's proving hard to come by.


Big hugs Vicky! 🤗 💖 I feel the same about all the waiting, seems like such

s l o w progress!! Xx

PS If you need to leave the room do it! I’ve done the same


Thanks for your comments, just needed a good old moan lol.

We've had a call from the clinic today and we are ready to start of FET on my next cycle so just got to call on cd1. Not due til 4/5th December so will likely be too late for this year so looking at early next year to start.

We have two fertilized eggs so just hoping they thaw ok and develop ok.

Thanks all hope your Mondays went well xx


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