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Wanting to give up

I already have a beautiful little girl who is nearly 2 and conceived naturally after trying for 2.5 years.I have endometriosis and hypothyroidism. We have been for our first appointment at the fertility clinic as we have been ttc from December 2015. But the last week or so I feel like I can't do this process and to just stop and just be happy with my daughter. I also don't want her to be an only child.

Sorry for the rant but I can't talk to anyone as no one close to me understands the heartache of infertility.

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Aww bless you and congratulations on having your daughter!!

Firstly I'm on here as looking for information about our daughters IVF journey not for myself, but hypothyroidism is a pet subject of mine as my mum had it and I was an only child, probably because of it!

Being an only for me had both positive and negative sides, I enjoyed being the centre of attention but conversely didn't like that all eyes were on me constantly lol especially as a teen. But then I was brought up in a tiny rural village in the 60's with few other children around which wasn't ideal, whereas the world is a totally different place now! I did go on to have 4 children of my own it has to be said, luckily I didn't inherit the hypo.

Only you can decide what is right for you, there is no right or wrong answer. It is you who will have to go through with the treatment, but you've had one child so there's hope that with a bit of help you'll do so again!

Is your hypo well under control? Our yd is sub clinical hypo so the GP won't medicate even though, if you're tcc, the NICE protocol states that at her TSH she should be. We think she has PCOS as she doesn't appear to be ovulating, she is working on getting some weight off (she put loads on after finding her now fiancé as he's 6'2" and eats all the time!!) she's eating more healthily now and she's just started taking Inositol supplement, vitamin c, vitamin d3, K2 (all of these should help her hypo which should then help her PCOS) and a daily pregnacare tablet, she says she rattles as she walks 😏

The endocrine system interlinks everything, if one part isn't in control it messes everything else up. Have you had your vitamin d, iron, ferritin and folate levels checked? Might be worth getting them done as they need to be good especially if you're hypo.

Hope that helps a bit, I'm sure others much more knowledgeable than me will be helping you much more but I'm here if you need me xx🌹


Hello, what's your latest TSH ? We TTC for over 5 years and I didn't finally get until my TSH was under 1. When we were TTC it was still hitting 2.8 / 3 before they would treat it. Once I was medicated properly, I started OVing again and finally fell on. We were under the care of a fertility specialist and it was him who started me on Levo. Didn't realise how symptomatic I had been until I started the replacement hormone. It's possible if your TSH is too high it's stopping you falling on. Xx

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Hi dolly,

I can understand how you're feeling. I am hypothyroid and pcos (and I suspect endometriosis aswell)

We've been trying for years and I wasn't even ovulating for years. They finally controlled my tsh below 2.5- that's essential.

You're very lucky to have conceived naturally previously, congratulations!

What is worrying you about the process? and what treatment have they suggested for you? Is it IVF? Clomid? Have they done any investigations - scans,tests, etc

We've just completed IVF - I didn't think that I would even get past the first stage but it's actually gone really well. Unfortunately it hasn't resulted in a pregnancy this time around but we live in hope.

I would say- if you can afford it, and you wish to have more children I would go for it! What do you have to lose? You're already happy to stop and consider your daughter only. Keep that in mind- it is important to keep that level headedness and perspective throughout the process.

Hopefully if we know more about your treatment plan we can advise you. Often people are scared of fertility testing but a lot of it is quite simple and painless! (But always awkward and embarrassing! 😜 Lol)

Good luck! X

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Thanks all for your replies regarding my hypo I was stable in February with a TSH of 1.5 and a T4 of 15.3 but last month my TSH was 7.2 and T4 12.8 but my gp refused to up my levo but thankfully my endocrinologist did.

I think what scares me about the treatment is the how much I will let it suck me in and I don't want my daughter to suffer. I have had every fertility test that the NHS do the first time we were trying including a lap and dye for the endometriosis so it's not the tests.

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It'll take a while to stabilise again and sort out the hormones, GP's haven't a clue! Thank goodness your endo is sorting it for you! Our daughters is 3.87 which they say is fine, but isn't. The NICE guidelines say that if ttc the TSH should be between 0.4 to 2.5. That's why we're trying inositol as that's supposed to help.

It must be difficult, I can only say that if it were me I think I'd want to try xxx


That's a significant jump! Into the 7s? Wow. No offense but your GP is a Pollock for not increasing the levo! Your lucky to have an endo. I've never been referred to one only when I was pregnant.

I too had children with no problem but our 3rd child took years and years. The key was definitely the thyroid. My cycles were about 23 days and were non ovulatory confirmed by progesterone bloods. My hypothyroidism was either just in the pipeline or didnt develop until my 30s. When I was optimally medicated, things in my body began to work again.

I would just deal with your endo. Weight is important for alot of fertility clinics and being hypo doesnt help that. We took It for granted we would just fall on, how wrong we were!

Hope it doesn't take you as long! We had slow swimmers too though lol

If it's something you want then go for it 😀

Good luck xxxx


Hey yeah the gp I seen is a pillock but thankfully he is a locum.

I only have and endocrinologist due to being referred to a gynae/endocrine clinic.

My bloods show ovulation but they even showed ovulation when the endometriosis was spread over my ovaries and I believe that's what was stopping me falling pregnant with my daughter.

See the weight is a major issue at the moment and I can seem to shift it 😢


I wasn't going to ever have IVF step to far we both thought - 2.5 years later and tests galore and I'm a week into my one and only round!

Every day for the last 4 days I've discussed with my husband stopping this and going back to our life before trying!

I've been very realistic about the chances and yet still it's stressed me out, the process the mental effort of it when other people just "oopsy" get pregnant without a second thought!

My decision boils down to this question I ask myself; in a few years time will I think what if and regret not giving it a shot. And the answer is yes to I stick my head in the sand and keep going and all I do if think past the here and how to mid July when it's all over and I'll know one way or the other what IVF can or can't do for us... and I'm very much looking forward to moving on I will not do any more cycles I have one free on the NHS and that's us done!


Hi RachG15 I have been of the same mind set as you. To give it one shot and if it's not meant to be then I know that I am just very lucky to have my daughter. Me and my OH just feel like all we have done for 4 years of our relationship is try for babies.

Doesn't help my sister can get pregnant just by one night 🙄 that happened twice before I was even pregnant with my daughter.

Good luck for your ivf cycle x

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Yes my sister has that "gift" too it's very irritating.

Exactly like you I literally am prepared to do the next 6/8 of trying and then I'm done and me and hubby need to focus on us and I have plans... so we either have a family or i go for that big next level job and we book New York, Mauritius and I'm off to Mulberry hahaha which might seem I'm not bothered about a baby - I am but I'm not doing 2.5 more years or flogging my marriage for the eternal "what if" I intend to be happy with or without




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