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Follow up consultation


Just back from our follow up following unsuccessful cycle. Consultant was positive about our chances if we try again with a fet. He doesn't think we need any extra tests at this stage and recommends we go for a single transfer again next time. Going to start on the norethisterone next week and carry on from there. We feel we'll definitely be ready by the time of the transfer which will probably be in September. This feels the right approach. I don't want to wait any longer than that for another try. If it doesn't work then we'll take a holiday and think about what to do next. Feeling more positive again with hope in our hearts. xx

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But what about the reason of misfortune?

Did doc said anything about it?

Depending on his\her reaction you can consider about additional tests.

Hope he is right and all you`ll need is another try.

Yes me too! Yes we had lots of questions and he answered them all to our satisfaction. It sounds like it's a bit of a numbers game and like it would be premature to run additional tests at this stage. If we aren't successful next time then they'd look at whether more tests are needed but the likelihood is that it was something wrong with the chromosomes of the embryo - which they can't tell from just looking, though the higher grade the embryo the less chance of chomosomal abnormality. The chances of failure with a good embryo are about 40% I think, so that's the most likely explanation at this stage. They also are going to do a dummy run beforehand next time with saline to look at the uterus more closely and to help plan for a smoother transfer - last time it was a bit difficult because I have a curved cervix. The consultant felt quite confident that this will help. I hope so. Otherwise I think we'd be looking at transferring 2 next time after possibly having more tests. We're lucky to be in a position to be able to have a plan c and plan d. Hope all is well with you xx

So, if there any problems with embys chromosomes you can try to make a PGD, just to be sure.

P.S.: Yup, all great. Recovering health at the moment. Thank you.

P.P.S.: You can try endo scratching, massage\acupuncture and proper nutrition. Just in case of increasing your chances. It`s general recommendations for all of the cases.

Hope this will help you this time :)

Thank you - consultant said endo scratch unlikely to help when using donor eggs and only had positive impact on some type of own egg treatments. I'm doing acupuncture- next session is this afternoon and I try to eat the right things too.

And re PGD it's really expensive and So we'd rather avoid if poss but prob works out as expensive in the long run of multiple failed transfers!

I hope your health recovery is going well xx

It's a difficult journey but keeping Hope helps and one day I'm sure it will be your time for your miracle xx

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