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Follow-up appointment tomorrow

Hi all

Hope you're all doing well. Sorry I've been off the radar for a while following our second BFN.

We've got our follow-up appointment tomorrow with the consultant and I'm feeling a bit emotional. Since our result I've been keeping myself busy to put it all out if my mind but now the reality is hitting again.

OH and I aren't communicating well about it all and the stress of the past 5 years is affecting our relationship.

Hopefully tomorrow will shed some light on our options and where we can go now.


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Hope your follow up gives you so light at the end of the tunnel.

It certainly die out strain on any relationship, bug hugs 🤗 hope tomorrow goes well,

Sorry to hear of your bfn they really suck :-( xx 🍀 🍀

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Thanks lovely xx

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Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow. Hopefully some clarity will help xxx

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Thanks lovely, you too for your appointments next week 👍🏼 xx

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It's a very stressful and emotional time, and hard on any couple. I hope your appointment goes well and with some time, love and nurturing you'll find a way back to each other closer than before. Don't give up on him or the future, lots of hugs and strength xoxo


Aw CheshireKit, I've been wondering how you've been doing.

I hope your appointment goes well and they can offer you advice/the info that you need.

The fertility show is on in Manchester this weekend if your interested? We are thinking of going to have a look of exactly what's on offer in our area.

I'm on the dreaded 2ww, but requested to use the Hewitt centre at knutsford this time as opposed to Liverpool and they were amazing!! Such a personal touch so one for you to remember if you have another cycle as I'll stick with knutsford now.

Re your relationship this whole ttc really does put strains on it. We can all probably say at some point our relationships are effected, but try and remember what life was life together before all this added stress. I know ttc can never be pushed easily to the back of your mind but sometimes we have to put out men first for a little while as I think it drains them more than us. They just don't like to show it. I was crying on mine all night last night after finding out his sister was pregnant yesteday. He hadn't got a clue what to do for the best but I knew by the end of the night he was more drained than me and I felt really bad then!

Let us know how you get on. There's still loads of avenues left for you to explore. So don't give up just yet on your baby. I work with a girl who apparently is being a surrogate for a 45 and 47 year old couple in June, of which they're using DE's. Think DE's will be out next route if unsuccessful by 40.

Sending you a big hug 😘 Xx


Ah bless u Hun, it's very hard isn't it? My oh doesn't talk at all so we had very little conversation about what happens next since our bfn.we sorta know what we gotta do next but I have no idea what he's thinking or feeling.

Hopefully the follow up will prompt some dialogue between the 2 of u.i really hope that they can give u some reassurance and can offer some positive feedback as to what happens next xxx


Good luck for tomorrow! I hope you get some good advice for what your next steps are. Maybe tomorrow wil help you talk things out with your OH!xx


I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling, CheshireKit. TTC is really hard, and the added emotional strain of IVF - all that hope, and then all the disappointment if it doesn't work - that it's not surprising it's affecting your relationship.

Communication can be so hard - I know I find it easier to write what I'm feeling down on here because I know that you will all understand and respond - and for our OHs there must be a sense of helplessness watching us struggle to conceive and then struggle to cope.

All the best for tomorrow's appointment - I hope it helps you to get back on track with everything. H xx


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