First appointment done

Hi ladies, I just though I'd update you on my appointment with the consultant yesterday and also thank you all for your help and support with earlier messages.

We had a late night private first appointment where we showed the consultant our bloods and scans. He checked them all and because we had them all in front of him he basically said "what treatment do you want and when!" I felt so relieved that I cried... in my head I though he would say "no, it's not worth it" or "go and get more tests"

We went opted for personalised care so we will pay a bit more than self funding but get a named consultant and can choose our own times for everything including early mornings, late evenings and weekends. As I have a high AMH 11.2, then 8.8 he said he will put me on the long protocol, and I call with my next period (27/12/16) and will use nasal spray from day 21, so I can travel. It's a big relief that I can travel as I can't keep lying to work ( taking injections to America with medical work people would have aroused suspision!)

At the end of the meeting I was just so surprised at how simple it was and cried again (honestly this process is using all my tears) The consultant also said that at times the process is so hyped up and lots of centres make it more difficult than it should be.

So that's it, fingers crossed for 2017 just enough time to get relaxed and in optimum health. (Limit the Christmas drinking).

Good luck to you all and please get in touch if you have any q's. I'm new in this so prob won't be much help,but can muddle through together!!

Love and prayers


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  • Sounds like the appointment was really positive! It can be such a relief to get things moving. I'll be a little ahead of you - my day 21 start is the 31st of December! Will keep an eye out for how you are getting on. Good luck xx

  • Hi GreenApples. Looks like it will be all go in January! Just wanted to wish you huge luck and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Wishing you all the very best... me and the wife are going through the journey now.... not so long to go now, ET could be mid Jan..... exciting but keeping very calm about it all

  • Good luck Green Apples! I travel for work too and oh the fun I've had trying to arrange trips around treatment cycles and scans! Fingers crossed for you x

  • Hi thanks,

    Just found out I'll be travelling during my down regulation and my consultant said I should take the spray to make it easier- my hubby joked then seeing as the spray can make me moody it's best we will be in different countries!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Good luck to you and baby wishes xx

  • There is a lot to be said to having your own hotel room and some 'me time' occasionally πŸ˜€

  • Your lucky that your appointment was realy positive and fast, happy for you.. I on the other hand feel stuck, am doing IVF with ICSI..we are doing it privately but am stranded and stuck at the moment cos it's tests after tests and nothing seems clear on when I'll begin.. Am thinking of changing clinics but am worried it may delay me further as am not sure what tests the other clinic may require on top. Truthfully I feel frustrated

  • Hi onoo

    Id like to say just change clinics but to be honest I understand the feeling of not wanting to rock the boat or bring delayed. Our consultant gave us his contact details and said to contact him at anytime. Have you expressed your feelings to the clinic ?

    I would ask them directly- what is the schedule and what do the tests need to show in order to move forward. If they really can't give a straight answer then you might have to move. Give your money and time to a clinic you trust.

    Good luck onoo and I hope you get your questions answered xx

  • Thank you for the reply, I have an appointment on Monday for results from the last Blood Tests that were done, am going to try and clarify and if I can't get any straight answers then I'll take the risk of looking into another clinic although I know that that might lead to further delays. But I guess it's better to finally work with a Clinic I trust even if that means waiting alittle longer to start.

    Good luck in your Treatment

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