BFN follow up appointment


Yesterday was a week since we got our BFN. I have to say it's been a tough week but we got through it together. I'm going back to work Monday. Then I go on Holiday a week on Sunday (booked last Friday.... needed something to look forward to)!

I called the clinic yesterday and our next appointment is 18th July to discuss what happens next. I'm not sure what to expect really, we have a frosty to use so I'm hoping they let us start straight away again 😊 my hope has just started to come back 🤞🏼

Hope everyone's doing ok. Have a great weekend and good luck xx

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  • Well done for finding your hope again. It can take a while. Sounds like you've got the right idea there with giving yourself some time and something to look forward to. Then I'm sure the appointment will guide where you go from here with a new plan x

  • Hi Dee5167. Just hoping that all is going well as you are back at work today after your BFN. Pleased to read that you have a holiday booked too, so try and relax and enjoy it. I don't know whether you would like me to, but I do have a couple of lists of questions I could email you to have a look through before you go back to clinic on the 18th July. It's too long to add here, but you can email me in confidence if you want, and I will send them to you. Diane.

  • Thanks Diane. That would be great. I'll email you x

  • I also have a follow up appointment on the 18th July after our BFN, struggling to pick myself up after it, was supposed to go back to work yesterday but couldn't face it so I'm off again this week but really want to get back soon, it does give hope though not having to wait too long for another appointment and like you I'm not sure what to expect but hopefully we can get on with another round soon, we have another 2 Frosties there, hope you have a lovely holiday, sending you best wishes ❤️ x x x

  • Hi MichM. If you would like the questions too, then email me in confidence to and I will send them to you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I will do that x

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