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Hi everyone we have our follow up appointment tomorrow and just wondering what questions we should be asking? We just did a fresh transfer which ended in mc at about 6 weeks, and we have two frozen embies. This was my third miscarriage so think I should be asking for more tests to be done but not sure what I am asking for exactly.... Help! Xxx

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  • Yes I have had 2 mc & was told at my follow up investigations happen after 3. Therefore you should get help here now. I'm so pleased you have 2 frozen from the cycle. I know if this one doesn't work out for my they will test for endometriosis & blood clotting. Have you had those tests? Xx

  • I have severe endometriosis which they found when they went in to remove my dodgy left tube, not had the blood clotting test that's one I was going to ask for but not sure if there are any others I should be asking about xxx

  • Hopefully the doctor will guide you in the right direction & suggest more tests. I read up on some private clinic websites about tests that can be done after my mc. Found that quite helpful. Will find u the site I looked on x


    Hope these help xx

  • Fab thanks lovely xxx

  • You might find some bits on here too:

    After our miscarriages with IVF, the consultant mentioned a hysteroscopy as an addition to us saying we were going to ask for blood tests to check if there were any reasons.

    What sort of area do you live in?

  • Thanks hun I will check it out before I go, I am at the Liverpool womens hospital but private patient as my husband already has a child we don't get any nhs funding xxx

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