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Follow up appointment

Hi ladies,

Just had my follow up appointment and the consultant was really nice. She basically went through each step of my cycle and and she said that she feels that things went wrong at the stimming stage. She feels that I didn't respond on bemfola and that if we were to do another cycle that I should try menopur. I did ask her about doing a short protocal, but she feels that I should still do the long protocal.

I also asked about early menopause as this has always played on my mind, but she reassured me that I have a good egg reservee and that she things that the problem is that I didn't produce alot of eggs being on bemfola.

I don't know what the plan is going forward as my husband would like a break from ivf and also we have to self fund the next cycle. The consultant dosent feel that IUI is best for us. She also said that because we have had ivf we won't be intilted to our two outstanding IUIs but I was told by my local hospital I am and I just need a referral from my GP. Personally I just want to try naturally and see about ivf later in the year. I may need my cyst drained before any future cycles and she also said if we want to shop around we can do so.

Hope everyone is having a good year so far xxxx

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I'm glad the follow up appointment was good. Your consultant sounds on the ball💕

I don't blame you wanting some time out-fertility treatment is hard going-emotionally and physically. There is never any harm in trying-you never know it might happen. 😊

I've only done 4 rounds of clomid and I have really struggled with it not working. How you have coped with assisted conception-my hat goes off to you-much bravier than I am! Do what feels right for you both-you matter too.

I wish you the very best and I truly hope that you get that positive test that you so deserve 👶🏻🌈



Hi Jess, thank you for your reply. 2016 was a very tough year for my husband and I, we spent it at the hospital more or less every month doing scans, blood tests etc!! Therefore we just want a break. It really can take its toll on you. I don't blame you for finding it hard because it really is. I am thankful for what I have at the moment. We will revisit ivf again but maybe later in the year. Were off to new York in march, and I turn 30 in may so we have a few special days coming up. I think we'll just focus on that and keep trying naturally. Hope all is well with you and don't give up xxxx here if you want to talk xxx


Hi NDE1987. Always good to recharge your batteries! Looks like you both have a sensible plan, so enjoy! Diane


i pray to God that 2017 would bring lots of happiness to ur life....


Thank you hunny xxx

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