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Hi everyone, well it's been 10mths since I last posted after our 7th attempt failed. Since then we have taken time out, got married, went on honeymoon and enjoyed Xmas. Just generally had us time.

Now our batteries are recharged we have contacted our clinic to begin our 3rd and final round.

A bit of background...i have pcos and endometriosis, had 3 laparoscopies to remove large ovarian cysts and some endometriosis and an op to remove a large amount of pre cancerous cells from my cervix (always attend your smear tests!) my hubby also had slightly lower than average sperm count.

Recently I have had an NK cell test done in Nov at Coventry and it came back in normal range so that stumped us a little as all other tests also fine so still unsure of the reason for recurrent implantation failure as told our embryos were top quality.

Firstly we fell pregnant naturally in 2009 which ended in miscarriage at 7weeks, since then we have never fallen pregnant naturally again. We have undergone numerous tests and started our ivf journey in 2013, so far we have had 2fresh rounds of ivf of which we have had 7transfers in total (1fresh, 6fet) implanting 12 embryos in total over the course of our journey so far, our 6th attempt resulted in a positive but sadly ended in early miscarriage. Our 7th and last failed attempt was last July. There have been a lot of tears and frustration along the way but we have this last round left and cannot afford to go private so we are going to give it our all one final time.

I am booked in for an endoscratch on 20april then will be doing short protocol this time as I had mild ohss on our first round and was rather ill, on our second round I had severe ohss which was life threatening and hospitalised for quite a while so very understandably I'm quite nervous.

Going the short protocol route this time seems the safest way after discussing everything with our consultant. I'm just worried in case my body doesn't react well.

I will be doing 21day on the pill levest followed by going straight to gonal f stimms for 7days, in the past I had done pill then buserelin for 4wk then gonal f stimms for 10days, i just hope I respond well and still produce enough mature eggs just not as many as on long protocol.

I'm hoping this is our time, there's only so much a person can endure,i just long to be a mammy to my own little bundle. Sorry my post has been quite long, I noticed a lot of new names as well as seeing some familiar ppl so I thought I'd give a bit of background. I hope to see lots of lovely updates along the way, this site has always been great comfort and help along my journey. Lots of Love and luck to you all Xxx β€πŸŒΌπŸŒˆπŸ˜ŠπŸ¦„

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  • Welcome back flossy. I concur with your smear awareness! Lots! Good luck with your journey. :) x

  • Thank you emu2016 hope all is going well with your D.E journey. Good luck to you too πŸ˜ŠπŸ’– xx

  • Thank you xx

  • What a lovely post...... I wish you all the best. You sound like you have been through so much... and you truely deserve for this to be your time. Lots of baby dust to you. I wish you every success with this next step of the journey.... and congratulations on getting married :) xxxx

  • Thank you Rainbow_86 😊 it's certainly been a bit of a rollercoaster but got to remain positive. As they only takes one. I've known women succeed on first attempt and women who have tried numerous times succeed. Never give up, I see your ivf journey is beginning, Good luck to you also I hope all goes well for you and certainly use this site for any questions or comfort everyone is amazing on here. Baby dust to you xxxx β€πŸŒΌπŸ˜€

  • Thank you so much!! I have to say this site has been amazing. As you say I am just at the start of my IVF journey but learnt so much about the process from the information on here. But more importantly the support here is incredible.... I had felt so alone prior to finding this site as I had never known anyone in our position.... and it this is the most welcoming and kind place I've known.... big hugs to you as you start this part of your journey. Look forward to reading about your successful journey :) xxxxx

  • Welcome back Flossy85. Everything crossed for you xx

  • Hi WeeMrsH! Thank you, Good to be back. I see your currently downregging, hope your feeling well. Good luck to you 😊🌈❀ xx

  • Flossy. Love ur spirit. U just have to remember u r such an inspiration for other women who r also trying and fall down several times. But it's people like u who give us strength. Sending u loads of positive energy and 😘😘😘I'm sure god will answer ur prayers.

  • Aww thank you Mandy2479. It's certainly been a rollercoaster but got to ride it until the end 😊. I always try to remain positive, don't get me wrong I certainly have my wobble days but nothing a little tlc doesn't sort....retail therapy also helps 😘. Hope all goes well for you also, sending lots of luck & love your way xx ❀😊

  • what a journey. I have everything crossed this is your time xxxx

  • Thank you vic77, Good luck to you private too. All sounds very positive and tailored. Xx ❀

  • Yup and xxxx

  • I hope it's worth every penny for you, Will keep my fingers crossed for you for a bfp! I doubt we will ever be able to afford to go private. Good luck Xxx ❀

  • Aww wishing you all the best for this round. Ivf is such a difficult journey isn't it. It's nice having this board for support xx

  • Thank you Mayaudrey ❀ it's certainly a difficult journey but got to keep positive. This board is amazing and everyone is so lovely and supportive. Good luck to you, fingers crossed it's 3rd time lucky for you will keep everything crossed for you Xxx ❀😊🌼

  • Thanks lovely. I know I get a lot of comfort from this board and the ladies on it. The advice you get is just brilliant. I just wish I could give everyone there happy ending! Good luck for your next cycle aswell. Il keep a look out for your posts xxxxxxx

  • This board has definitely helped me to keep going at times I felt like giving up. Any time I was feeling down or had what I thought was a silly question there was always someone who could help and had been there themselves, I learned there's no such thing as a silly question here 😊. I'm the same I love to see bfp posts on here just wish I had a magic wand to give everyone the happiness that they do deserve. Thank you, you too xxxx ❀❀❀

  • So much luck with this round Flossy, you've really been through it so I really hope it's your time. I also have endometriosis and have had 3 failed implantations despite good quality embies so have been considering the NK cell test. My consultant said that endo can cause inflammation that can impact on implantation so it is a concern. It must be very frustrating for you that there appears to be no obvious reason for it not being successful so many times 😒 I really hope it is this time. We're starting our 4th round in a few weeks, fingers crossed for us both xx

  • I wish u all the best this time round.u certainly deserve it after the journey uv been on xxx

  • Gosh...doesn't feel like you've been away that long! Where does the time go??

    Good to see you back and good luck x

  • Gosh what a journey you've been on so far you've been through so much already I'm sure it hasn't been an easy ride but it's lovely to hear that you've got married and been on honeymoon and had time out to focus on yourselves. Wishing you all the best for that this will be your time xxx

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