Round 2 and even more confused

So all gearing up for round 2 long protocol Icsi. This is our last funded attempt and I have all sorts of feelings. We requested a consultation with a consultant which is tomorrow after our failed first attempt in October. I have my prostap injection on 27th jan. when I phoned yesterday to book treatment I was told by secretary that I should assume my treatment plan is the same or the hospital would have called to discuss. I am a little concerned that they are just doing the exact same treatment when it didn't work last time. I will ask loads of questions tomorrow but I am wondering has anyone got a bfp from exact same treatment 2nd time around? We have no known reasons for our infertility other than I have a low amh. I just worry that I should request a change to treatment plan on nhs this time as our last shot or request embryo scratch or short protocol or ivf rather than Icsi..all unanswered questions I guess. Just when we had a private consultation the doctor said we should have had ivf as there is no issue with my husbands stern and given low amh he would have recommended short protocol however on nhs there has been no opportunity to discuss any changes to our treatment plan just seems more of the same then I am terrified it won't work a 2nd time😢then more time has past and egg quality dwindled further😢this all sucks xx

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  • Hi Vic, it's so confusing with all of the information that's out there! I was unsure what protocol we would be doing but our consultant told us at our review in November that if my AMH was much lower we would move to low protocol (this was if AMH was 5.2 or lower). I think I'm 5.8 so we're sticking with long protocol. Our consultant said that short protocol is much more aggressive and he doesn't want to try that yet. So I'm assuming we will do that if we get to a third attempt but who knows, we're completely at their mercy! Having said that I do have faith in our consultant. I find him to be honest and refreshing, I don't think he tells me what we want to hear (other than that he will get us a baby and I'm holding him to that!!).

    Write down all of your questions and make sure you get an answer for them all lovely. Just on the IVF over ICSI, it's my (limited) understanding that by having ICSI you are helping the process along as the eggs may not fertilise with IVF but the other lovely ladies may have a different opinion on this.

    I hope your appointment goes well and you feel much more confident after x x x

  • Thanks as always MommaBear16 it is all so confusing and I am getting all emotional and nervous as the time nears to do all this again 😢😢you and other ladies on here are such support thanks so much and good luck to you too..what are your timescales again? I have a long list all ready for tomorrow xx

  • I felt much better after we had our review, I hope you feel the same. We get our meds on Monday then I start jabbing on the 21st. EC is currently planned for Feb 13th and ET planned for 15th or 17th... my original due date (I'm taking this as a positive sign). I was very nervous about starting again but now I really feel ready and I'm excited to go. I'm blocking out any nervous energy and focusing on the positive as much as I can x x x

  • That's the right attitude think am just having a nervy day..bad dream about all this last night too so am tired. So exciting for you too..I will be just behind you like injections starting mid feb😀keep in touch xxxx

  • I will definitely keep in touch! You will be absolutely fine when the time comes, it's the waiting around and the questions we have unanswered that drives us mad! It'll be all over before we know it! Let us know how tomorrow goes x x x

  • So you the same treatment plan again too no changes? Will let you know how tomorrow goes. We also went private for further amh test and see a private consultant next week.. hopefully oncespoken toboth consultants we will feel better x

  • Wishing you all the best momma bear for your cycle. Hoping this is your lucky time xx

  • Thank you so much Katya, hope you are well and things are progressing for you x x x

  • Thanks. Just waiting for our training dates but will probably be March hopefully xx

  • Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for you x x x

  • For my first two cycles I had exactly the same treatment first time I didn't response well only got two eggs (I have low amh)and a bfn, second time I got 7eggs and a bfp (sadly we lost it but my point being I did get pregnant with exactly the same treatment)

  • Good to know same treatment can have such different results although sadly not the result you wanted..thanks for responding xx

  • Vic wishing you lots of luck with your cycle hopefully this is your time xx

  • Thanks mrs.. excited and nervous.. hope adoption process still going well.. so excited for you x

  • Thank you so much. Won't be much happening for a while. Think training starts in

    march but waiting for a letter. Think we were lucky to get the thumbs up. She did say that we should really have waited 6 months after ivf so we have been lucky. Hopefully you ll get answers soon xx

  • You deserve that luck.. long may it continue xx

  • Thanks. Yes am hoping we ll be one of the lucky ones in this process and things will move fast for us. Feel like I've been waiting forever!! Xx

  • Hi love,

    I'm planning on doing my last NHS cycle in April after failed in November.

    I also have low amh. Hubbie initially has low morphology but that was fine on EC but my amh is now the only issue. I also am trying to lose weight to help. Just below cut off bmi but I am tall.

    Anyway, I did short protocol and still am. I did 300 gonal f which was then upped to 450. Got 6 eggs, 4 fertilised, 1 places back day 3 and 2 tried to get to day 5 to freeze but no go. Consultant thought I should've gotten more eggs due to high dosage.

    Next time I've been told that I'll start on 150 gonal f and a different drug progervis or something I think so my second try has had a change.

    If I were you I would push for something diff xx

  • Thanks for advice allieb21 my list of questions ready for today. It is just so draining feeling this need to question consultants and I will likely feel intimidated or that I am bothering them today. We have a private consultation booked next week too xx

  • Just remember that they might be the professionals but it's your body and it's you that has to go through this in the hope it works. Tell them you want different and why xxx

  • Wishing you all the luck with your cycle xxxx

  • Thanks xx

  • hey,

    i had the short protocol last time which had to be terminated just before EC and they have now started me again but this time im on the long protocol.

    a friend of mine had her ivf and it failed the first time, and they put her two top embryos in which didnt stick, but she went back did the same again and her embryos werent as goo and they both stuck and she got her 2 girl twins.

    so hang on in there and i hope you get your BFP. xx

  • Thanks emma-jane-30 . That's a lovely story fingers crossed..hope you are well xx

  • yes im all good thank you half way through the long protocol just hoping this time round i get further lol.

    i hope you are well too xx

  • How did you get on Vic? x

  • Really well thanks MommaBear16 . We saw top professor guy and he went through everything and then took time to answer our questions this really was all we wanted 3 months ago!! Slight change to our protocol now still long and icsi but menopur and tonal f this time. He was optimistic at our last attempt and felt it was embryo quality that was the issue and in some way that just down to luck so fingers crossed for round two..all geared up now and feeling very optimistic. We are going to cancel our private consult next week as don't want confusion and mixed messages to cloud this attempt...thanks so much for asking..lots of love xx

  • That's great news, I'm so happy to hear you're feeling much better and I think you're right to cancel your other consultation. I'm glad you've said that about embryo quality being down to luck too as that's made me feel a little more positive about our next go. Full steam ahead now girl!! x x x

  • For us both mrs xx

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