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Need some plain speaking and positive reinforcement here is possible!

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Hi Ladies!

How is everyone!!?

I've just come back from new doctors surgery and signing in with nurse.

Just realised I am "overweight" according to my bmi and her workings.

Been told to watch it a bit, freaked me out and already started down regging. Rubbish bedside manner on her part as she could see I was freaking out!

I've just been researching online.

What with my age, 39 , bmi 29 , height 5"ft 1 , endometriosis, former ovarian torsion large op last year to clear up mess in my tummy , probs scarrrjng from endo op all the other stuff.

Then she had the gall to say oh well I probably shouldn't say that to someone who's doing ivf should I grrr! Just as was kind of starting to calm down.

Right despite pain I'm going to do more walking laos round the park tommorrow and Sunday and can try and do half hour walk everyday. Cross with myself really as I should have realised and lost this before I started. There's always something. Never been overweight before.

Any words of wisdom to bring me down off the ceiling would be good!

Apologies for ranting!



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Take a deep breath.....!

Exercise is great for calming down an anxious mind so don't think of it as a stress 'omg I have to lose weight' but instead as a 'this is going to help me clear my head and help my blood flow' which is important for babies to be.

If it's any consolation I was told my BMI was 30 when I was 12 weeks pregnant - at which point Slimming World wasn't really an option!!

Best of luck


Sipidania thankyou!

Yup in the back of my head I'm thinking that too! It's good for me and not to worry about torsions or anything and see it as a leveller. I think I wound myself up a bit. I'm doing this alone so sometimes I can do that!

Very kind!

Where are you in your journey now?


I'm nearly 22 weeks. Funnily enough I really did worry about my weight but despite asking several midwifes and my consultant they've only weighed me once and have said they won't weigh me again - it does increase risks of miscarriage so it is worth doing what you can - I was very careful in my first couple of months not to gain weight and walked as much as my fatigue and queasiness would allow - gone a bit to crap now as we've had a tough few weeks but determined to get back into a healthy eating and gentle exercise regime while I still can!

That's amazing congratulations! Yay! Without being overly emotional what u said yesterday struck a cord and felt motivated for a lovely walk in local park this morning.

Focussed on increasing laps abut also that the sun was shining and as I've just moved settling into the area and talking to locals. I think idea is to be strong and healthy. Haven't been able to go back to original fitness regime before operation and this treatment. So much more energy since last May though. Thankyou


Hey Hun, i just wanted to say don't panic! You don't need further stress as going through ivf is so hard. To be honest in my opinion if this was going to be a big issue then I'm sure they would have mentioned something earlier. My aunty was told to lose weight before her ivf and she had to wait a year. So if this was an issue for you they wouldn't have accepted you. So i think you should just focus on the ivf and just eat healthy food for a healthy pregnancy :) good luck!! Xxxx

Hi NDE1987

That's good advice too! Thankyou. Clinic have been very through and I need to trust them a bit and also view this as an added bonus of advice. I'm not eating badly but could have less starch and move more and not freak out about torsions and do what makes me feel good naturally which is long walks!

Healthy food and healthy outlook and no stressing πŸ˜€

Where are you in your journey?


Awww then main thing is not too worry, my journey​ so far is that i have endromesosis and IV had 2 failed IUIs and a failed ivf. My husband and I are going to start ivf 2 next month! Just hope it works as were self funding. But other than that we have been told were healthy and there isn't a reason why we can't fall pregnant. I also have a low amh level for my age :( x


Hello Mrs,

Firstly you are under the required 30 BMI so as long as you keep your weight steady dont stress.

If the Clinic had a problem with your weight they would tell you and they have no issues placing womens cycles on hold whilst telling them to get their weight down.

I dont think it will make any difference to the outcome of your treatment. Up until last year they were treating upto BMI 35.

What i would say is my BMI was 29 during my cycle and i did a lot of walking and ate well etc and that does certainly make you feel better during treatment anyway.

Lots of luck on your cycle you will be fine xx

Heregoesthen77 in reply to Hidden

Hello Mrs! πŸ˜€

Thankyou very much for advice yesterday. I will say to all of you who responded how much it helped me and hope I can do same if you have wobbles!

As seems to happen doing this down regging lark was up before 6am and twiddling thumbs by 7.30am. Babalnced cheque book by 9.30am and nice two laps round local park face in sun and big veggie shop.

Off for clothes shop and movie today. Tend to be coming home early to inject but by then I'm pooped anyway. Tend to go 100 miles an hour anyway.


Hope you are having nice Saturday



I lost 4 stone with slimming world. Found it really easy to follow. can even follow it pregnant with a few tweaks. Main thing is to cut out booze which we can't do anyway on ivf! The rest of it is healthy eating watching sugars and fat content

You right healthy and sensible x

Don't let a nurse with rubbish bedside manner send u in to a tailspin!! Your clinic would have told u to lose weight b4 starting if they thought it was a really issue!! Do ur walking tho because if anything it'll be really good for u to relieve stress & keep the blood pumping xxx

Hi There

Yep totally! Yes been doing some good walks and it helps a lot. Work in a factory as well so lots of stairs and long corridors to stomp along!

Bought few new tops as have to keep this under wraps at work. Quite nosey so feel bit more relaxed. Thanku for advice .πŸ˜€

How are you doing?


I'm doing ok thanks.also trying to get myself a bit healthier for next try but failed miserably today after trying to do a detox! Managed fruit all day & was so hungry & miserable by the evening,stuffed a really processed oven meal down my gullet & a packet of crisps!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©


First of all, be kind to yourself about this. Every small thing you do to contribute to your health will help.

If you find doing that kind of plan or detox is not right for you and there are some crazy ones out there. Think about eating for health and th rest will take care of itself.







Snacks can be fruit or a yog or a fruit bar or whatever. Even if you eating healthy (let's not say dieting!) there is no reason to be ravenous between meals πŸ˜€


Thank u.2day is a new day x

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