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Hello all, so I had my egg collection today - 11 eggs retrieved which is quite a lot higher than I had initially been told that would be retrieved due to my low AMH which I'm v pleased about. Hopefully a lot of them are really good quality.

I am now on Cyclogest and from tomorrow will be on Progynova (oestrogen). But also have to take aspirin and Fragmin injections every evening. Has anyone else had any dealings with Fragmin and did you have any side effects if you don't mind me asking?



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Hey Emily7, Fragmin is the similar to Clexane/Heparin, which are blood thinners. I've not had the brand Fragmin before but had Clexane which was a daily injection that I have had before but will also take again due to my Prothrombin Factor 2. I've had no specific side effects though Hun. Sorry not sure that's any help! Xx


Thanks Hannah, that's good to know xx


I found the injections a bit more tougher than the down regs/stims injections.

You will bruise and some bruises can be bigger than others and stay for quite a while.

I've read that you shouldn't rub it afterwards as it can make the bruise worse.

You can get a bit of blood afterwards as the time goes on... I tended to hold a tissue on the site straight after until the sting started to ease.

You'll be fine and will get through it for the chance of your dream :-)



Thanks Hollibob. I had read that you shouldn't rub it afterwards either whereas I had done with the previous injections. Yes all for a good cause!xx


Thats a brilliant number for a low Amh Emily, I have a low Amh aswell and they reckon just a few eggs will be retrieved so this is very reassuring, will be on a short protocol to hopefully starting start of may, I noticed you were doing acupuncture I have my first session on Tuesday, trying to get a few in before I start, also on a lot of seeds nuts juices ect, everything I can to help, did you find the acupuncture helped? Xx


Thank you, I thought it was a good number of eggs, it's amazing what drugs can do to increase the number of follicles. I'm now nervously waiting for the phone call. I've been sending positive thoughts all night to the embies. Yes I am glad I have been doing acupuncture, I had quite a few sessions beforehand and two during my short protocol. I found it really helped relax me. I had a womb lining of 5.5mm on my second scan and two days later it had increased to 8mm. I had acupuncture in between the two scans so that, the drugs and eating lots of pomegranate may have to really increase the lining. I'm also hoping to do acupuncture both before and after the embryo transfer. Best of luck for starting in May xx

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Hi Emily7 , I was on fragmin and aspirin too for a few weeks when had ET. It's a tough injection, you bruise very easily, don't rub. I used Elma cream to help numb the area before I injected .

However, with the fragmin and aspirin after my 2 weeks wait I had some bleeding, consultant told me to come off it for a few days and then started it up again and again had bleeding, so we discussed that I should stop both drugs completely. I did have to increase the progesterone suppositories and taking these both rectally and vaginally.

Good luck and all the very best

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Can't advise but brilliant news on the great number of eggs xxx

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