EC this morning . 7 eggs retrieved all from left ovary . Follicles in right ovary empty

Hi I had egg collection this morning . They retrieved 7 eggs . First time on stimming my cycle was cancelled as I had over 40 follicles so was at risk

Of ohss . Second cycle I had 16 retrieved . Today I had 7 retrieved but all from the left ovary. There were four follicles in the right that were all empty . They told me it was strange but I was still a bit ‘out of it’ so didn’t rEally understand the reason. Not sure they know really . Just wondering if anyone has had this happen? Last time I was quite chilled in the five days wait post EC but this time I feel like I’m going to be on pins due to lower numbers ( I know I am lucky to get any so don’t want to sound negative). I would be overjoyed with just one blast . Thanks In advance xx

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  • Try not to feel disheartened by the numbers, I only got 6 eggs my last cycle but 5 fertilised and 4 made it to top quality blastocysts. Hope your getting plenty of rest and water xx

  • Thank you . That is a great outcome for you on how many made it to blasts . Just got to keep hoping xx thanks for the kind words xx

  • I know we feel so lucky but similar to how your feeling I was so disappointed after EC when they said they only got 6 eggs so don’t lose hope especially not today xx

  • No advice but good luck 🍀 xx

  • Thank you xxx

  • Just wanted to wish u good luck x

  • Thank you xx it’s going to be a stressful week 😫

  • Hi, I had about 30 follicules but only 9 eggs collected. I have PCOS so they said sometimes I might have follicules that are empty. I know it’s easy to say but try to relax these next few days if you can, and just remember you only need the one to make a baby. Hope this helps xx

  • Thank you xx any positive words truly do help . Thank you x x x

  • This happened on my last cycle. 4 follicles on each ovary, was sedated and they brought me round to check I'd taken my trigger on time as the 4 on my right they couldn't find an egg although could tell eggs had been in them. They took urine from me and did a preg test to check for the trigger which showed a weak positive and then said they'd put me back under to do my other ovary and flush the follicles first. I then woke up to them saying all 4 follicles on the other ovary contained eggs. They didn't know what had caused it either!

    All 4 fertilised but non made it to blast in my case, but could have been sperm issue too.

    Good luck for your phone call tomorrow and the coming weeks xx

  • Aww thanks for reply . How odd ! Don’t think you ever get full answers as to why . Such pot luck with it all . How did you deal with non making it ? Did they not suggest a day two or three transfer ? Dreading the call to be honest . Think it was a sperm factor on our first round as we lost quite a few beyond day three x x x

  • We had 2 that made it to day 5 but they weren't blasts, they were the equivalent of Day 4. It did gut me a bit but tried to make the best of a bad situation. Sadly ended in bfn though. Xx

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