FET - Fragmin, Aspirin and Pineapple

Hi all, so we finally have our frozen transfer scheduled for next week Monday - nervous and excited at the same time. Reading previous posts and forums it's been recommended to have Brazil nuts, pomegranate juice and pineapple as well as avocado but really have a healthy diet.

I was wondering as I am going to be taking fragmin and aspirin - blood thinners, is it still ok to eat pineapple mainly the core? I understand it is bromelain in the core which helps implantation but also acts as a blood thinner . I don't want to be overdoing it ...any advice would be helpful ?

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  • I ate pineapple and I too was on blood thinners (aspirin and clexane). X

  • Thanks... did you get a BFP?

  • Not sure about pineapple everyone is different. Would.never take fragmin again even if someone paid me as I believe it contributed to the loss of our son but that's another story.

    I took clexane and aspirin and will be on the same again shortly x

  • Thanks Tamtam

  • I'm interested in the advice on this to x

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