Still in pain and swollen from EC...worried!

Hi everyone, I had EC on Monday where 8 eggs were retrieved. However following this I was in a lot of pain, I needed codeine for a couple of days and even now nearly 5 days on my belly is still swollen, I have to walk slowly because any movement hurts, I sneezed today and the pain was shocking! Transfer is on Saturday and I am so scared that either it will get postponed or that it will go ahead but could affect the pregancy if successful. Any advice??? X

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  • Sounds like it could be ohss. Are you drinking lots of water? Are you drinking lots and not passing as much as you think you should be? Best to call the clinic to get checked out...have you got an out of hours number?

  • Yeah I'm drinking plenty. I phoned the clinic yesterday and they said they will scan me before transfer but I am just worried about it being cancelled after getting so far. What will out of hours do? X

  • They might just listen to you a bit more or advise you to be seen by local hospital. Explain that it hurts to move and the pain you experience when sneezing etc

  • Thank you I have just spoken to them and funnily enough the on call doctor will be the one completing the transfer on Saturday. He was very reassuring and advised as you said that it seems to be mild ohss and they will be able to go ahead as long as it remains mild and I continue to drink plenty of water. He is going to scan me before the transfer to double check I am okay x

  • Glad it's helped. If you feel worse tomorrow, don't be scared to contact them or your local hospital..I'm sure they could do a scan tomorrow

  • Good Luck with it all, I felt really similar after the retrieval I couldn't stand from a chair without help and the sneezing 😣

    For me, my transfer went ahead which was a wee bitty sore (you need to close your eyes and try to breathe!) and I realised how bruised I was as we just had an FET and the transfer procedure was painless!! Keep up the paracetamol. We had an early miscarriage even with all the aches & pains, which was more of a result than our failed FET so I don't think it makes you less susceptible. Best of luck!!! Xxxx

  • hi, I had 11 eggs collected, 9 from my right ovary and was really sore after. This got worse about 2/3 days later, it hurt to do anything, particularly to lie on my left. I then developed a temperature of 38 and felt really groggy. I rang the on call nurse who asked me to go in early the next day prior to 5 day transfer. The consultant scanned me, confirmed it wasn't OHSS, but I did have very swollen ovaries (the progesterone pessaries will make bloating worse btw) she said I would need antibiotics as I had an infection somewhere, she debated delaying my transfer and freezing but we decided to go ahead as we had 5 high quality blastocysts. I had 1 transferred, the others frozen. Started antibiotics the same morning. Started to feel better, but then on day 5 of tablets, started getting high temps and urinary symptoms so rang again, this time GP confirmed urine infection and currently on second day of new antibiotics and feeling much better! I'm telling you this because I was convinced it was OHSS as they drill it in to you, but it is very rare and you would feel dreadful even with mild OHSS. So bare in mind it could be something else. Maybe check your temperature? I've got 5 days till test day now and they reassured me the antibiotics were safe and the infection would have been more detrimental, just wish I'd said something sooner as I was unwell for a few days which almost put my transfer at risk. Best of luck!

  • Oh no what an awful experience. It is really disheartening when you have faith in a professional but then they just follow their standardised textbook conclusions. I will definitely check it out further to be on the safe side. Thank you for sharing!! I hope you feel better soon and that it all goes well for you x

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