Fragmin Advise after 8 Weeks

Hi all, hope everyone is well.... just a quick question, as many of you may know, the wife had 2 embies placed back awhile back and on early Feb, we gut a BFP. Whilst enjoying this moment and continuing the pregesyron injection twice a day, aswell as Fragmin once a day. After a few days, she experienced a bleed, my thought at first was we should get this checked ( although reading a lot of people had suggested "bleeding"'early stage is iercectky normal l, but neverthe less we wanted to double check. Abdcstopoed the Fragmin for 3 days

We then found out that one of the embies couldn't be found ( this may or may have something to do with the bleed, but the other embie has developed into a pregnancy sac with yolk, which was wonderful news.

Going on to our 5th week, we continued The injections aswell as the Fragmin, and the bleeding started again, so we spoke with our clinic and the consultant had suggested to stop the Fragmin again until 8 week scan.

So next Friday will be our 8 week scan, I'm just wondering those that are beyond 8 weeks, did you get told to stop Fragmin, I can't help but think this bleeding only occurs when the wife has Fragmin.

She's has had on the odd occasion, the very little sign of brown discharge ( I'm guessing maybe this is old blood just working it's way out) when wiping it but nothing major.

Any advise would be appreciated. I know people have suggested her body will start beginning to produce extra secretion around her cervix, but even still I guess we just need re assurance that it's normal and wether we should be prepared to continue Fragmin after 8 weeks or would it simply be continuing the progesterone.

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  • Hi sanj76. I'm pleased to read that all seems to be progressing OK. I think that you would be best to wait until your wife has had her scan next Friday, then discuss whether she needs to continue with the Fragmin. I doubt that they will recommend that she continues with it, but your clink will give you their best advice. To think that she is nearly 8/40wks pregnant is brilliant! Thinking of you both. Diane

  • Hoping everything is ok Sanj, you've got this far, just one week to go for further reassurance! Can you call your clinic for advice? I hope the lovely ladies on here can reassure you further but thinking of you both x

  • Thanks MomaBear.... we will just wait till next week, all is going well so far tho. How you doing? Joke yiurvresting upBAnd taking things easy

  • So far so good thanks Sanj! Glad things are going well still, I have everything crossed for you x

  • Well i took fragmin last year. Was originally on Clexane but they changed me to fragmin 24 hours later i was in hosp with massive bleeding 4 days later i lost my son at 17w.

    They put me back on fragmin and i ran a test i didnt take it for 2 days and i was fine i started taking it again and was rushed back to hosp with severe bleeding and lost 2 pints of blood bordering blood transfer although the hosp never agreed jt was the fragmin that caused my loss i know deep down it was as 24 hours earlier and seeing the miswife that day all was well wit my bubba.

    Please be careful on thisbdrug it does cause bleeding as a aide effect i never had any issue when i was on Clexane.

    Would NEVER take that fragmin again if i get pregnant on my last attempt.

    Wishing you well xxx

  • Thanks Tam, we will rage every step to ensure our pregnancy goes well. I appreciate you sharing the experience.

  • Ps i was supposed to be on it for my entire pregnancy.

    Or some are advised upto 12 weeks!

  • What is fragmin please? I've not heard of it.

  • This is an injection given whist in the process of having your embryos placed back in a d us usually continued after ET chevalier period of time. In essence it's a blood thinner

  • Along same line as clexane

  • cant give u advice but your wife doing so well so far so very pleased for you both. Best of luck with your next appointment - hopefully they can reassure u x

  • Thanks sooo much for your warm wishes.

  • Hi Sanj, I was not prescribed any of this so cannot offer any direct advice. However, before we had this FET I had a discussion with my consultant about sticky blood and had all the tests for it because blood clots run in my family and they thought it might have been why I lost the first pregnancy. When I asked about taking blood thinners, my consultant said not to do so as it is dangerous unless you have been specifically diagnosed with sticky blood because it can make any normal, small bleed develop into a more serious bleed which could then result in miscarriage. Luckily, my tests came back clear for sticky blood and our FET worked, but, personally, I would not take any blood thinners unless I had been diagnosed with sticky blood.

    So pleased that everything is going well for you both, good luck for your 8 week scan - it is so special when you see that little flicker of a heartbeat on the screen! Xx

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