Anyone else been referred from North Wales to Shrewsbury?

I'm just trying to find anyone from the North Wales area who has been referred by NHS to Shrewsbury? I have my first appointment with Shrewsbury next week and was wondering what the wait from initial consultation to starting treatment was. How does it work across health boards? I'm hearing conflicting times from 18 weeks to 18+ months!! Taken us 6 years of fighting to get this far (apparantly we got lost in the system and was then told we didn't qualify anyway when in fact we did).

Be great to hear from anyone else who has been or is going through Wales - Shrewsbury :)

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  • Hi samjones83.All this can be quite confusing hearing different "start" dates. It might be an idea to contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and ask them. Once you have an idea you could then contact the clinic you will be attending, and say you would be willing to accept a cancellation if it might speed up things for you. Have a look at where you can view the criteria for your area and find CCG's address. Good luck with it all. Diane

  • A long time ago I was referred to Shrewsbury from Wales. It wasn't for fertility but it was for gyno issues and I found the hospital very good and the whole process really easy. I didn't have to wait long and there was good communication between my gp in Wales and the hospital- better than now where the gp is in the same area as the hospital! Good luck xx

  • Hey sweet I was under Shrewsbury as I live in Telford, I was referred in February, had our group information session in March and we started treatment in April. I was also told the same that waiting time was 18 weeks but it wasn't that at all :) give the clinic a call, everyone there is lovely and make you feel so welcome :)

    Good luck xx

  • Ah thanks :) It seems to work differently if you are referred from Wales and the 18 week rule doesn't count. I'm going on Thursday so I'm gonna ask then what we should expect.

    I've only heard good things about the clinic so far so that's making me feel much better:) xx

  • I cannot fault them at all! The day I called them to let them know of our BFP a couple of the nurses were in the background the doctor and the receptionist, they all started cheering, I was a blubbering mess haha!! Xx

  • Thank you all so much for your replies. Really made me feel at ease for Thursday 😁 Figures crossed won't be much more of a wait after that xx

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