So after my big bleed I had a scan at 5 weeks 6 days and they saw a SCH which they said had caused the bleed while it runs a higher rate of miscarriage everything may be ok. Fast forward to Friday 6 weeks 6 days we went for a follow up scan to see if we could see our baby and a heart beat and check the bleed. Unfortunately there was no baby and no heart beat. There was a gestational sac measuring 5 and half weeks and yolk sac but no baby. They said at this point they should see something. I have to go on 14th for a rescan to confirm then I can stop all medication I'm continuing to bleed on and off. They say it's most likely a missed miscarriage. I hate the fact that they are making me wait this long to confirm something that they already know but they say it's there policy. I don't really think it's hit me yet. I can't believe it happening.

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  • Aw so sorry to hear this, thinking of you xxx

  • So sorry your going through this, sending you hugs x

  • Big hugs...it is so horrible. My thoughts with you xxx

  • I'm really sorry to read about your pain... Praying for you!!

  • I am so sorry this has happened, it's just so unfair. Take your time to grieve and don't put pressure on yourself to feel a certain way as you ride it out. I promise it does get easier with time if that is any comfort at all. Hug xxx

  • Oh I'm so sorry to read this. Big hugs xxx

  • Hey hon

    Nothing prepared you for this absolutely nothing... It's a sad day for us all.

    Take time to heal yourself and hold onto hubby you will get through this.


  • Hi, so sorry you have to go through this! The exact same thing has just happened to me. I started to bleed at around 7 wks, went for a scan and they saw a sac and something small in it that measured more like 5 wks. They saw a lot of blood in my uterus but said everything might still be ok but the next week there was nothing there but the sac. They sent me away again for another week to see if it would pass naturally but after 5 days I rang and got booked in for a D&C. I just couldn't take waiting any longer and I knew that was the right option for me. Very glad I had that done.

    It's a very sad and dark place to be in and I honestly thought I wouldn't feel better but a week after my D&C and I feel more like myself a little more each day. I'm definitely on the mend although you never forget, you do start to feel better with time.

    Sending you lots of love and strength xx

  • Georgia I am so sorry to read this. There's nothing anyone can say to make you feel better but I am sending lots of love to you and your family x x x

  • So sorry to read this, what a sad and tragic day this forum is having. I suffered a missed miscarriage at just under 10wks. My thoughts are with you xxx

  • So sorry to hear this, take care of yourself , sending you hugs xx

  • I'm sorry...it's not nice or easy to have to go through.

    I know it feels like it's tormenting you having to keep going back, but they need to be sure.

    Our first missed miscarriage seemed to go on forever. The growth was slow, so we'd been prepared for the worst, but no heartbeat was found at 9+5 and the miscarriage wasn't complete until 12+5.

    They recommended natural and at the time it's what I wanted too, as I looked for any miracle...

    It's not fair lovely lady...whenever it's happens :-(

    Look after yourself X

  • I'm really sorry. I had a missed mc and it took a very long time to complete. It's awful being told that it's over.

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