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6 weeks - Subchorionic Bleed

Hey so had 5DFET transfer 20th April. Got our BFP and all was looking good. I had a huge bleed last night and had an early scan. HCG levels are 30897 and the Baby looked fine, right size and good heartbeat. They found the bleed was because I have a large subchorionic bleed below the GS. I have been signed off work on bed rest for a week in hope it reduces. The bleeding has totally stopped but my tummy is still sore from the cramping. Just wondering if anyone can offer some words of wisdom, support or experience of the same. I’m obviously very worried mixed in with glimmer of hope that we have a little fighter in there. Thanks guys xx

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I’m sorry I can’t offer much support. I just had a bit of a bleed this afternoon and I’m freaking out. I called me clinic and they said as long as ya not associated with pain or fresh bright flow, not to worry. But they won’t scan or do a blood test at all. I’m 5wk2days. This is torture.


I had a small spotting on Friday and my clinic said the same. They said to rest and they upped my progesterone. Spotting is normal so I’m sure you will be fine. I think I only had a scan as I was just iver 6 weeks. Any earlier they can’t see anything. Wishing you all the best xx

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Thanks. I’m considering going for a private scan tomorrow anyway.

I asked my clinic about upping the progesterone and they said no, that’s not necessary. Because if the pregnancy is going to fail it’s because of the embryo not the meds. It seems all their advice is contrary to most on here - so frustrating.


I had a sub chronic hematoma from week 7. Unfortunately for me the bleeding carried on and got worse, going from pink to brown to bright red. I miscarried at 10 weeks. However, the midwives said they couldn’t tell me why I miscarried, and lots of ladies with hematoma go on to have healthy pregnancy. They said a hematoma doesn’t increase your risk of miscarriage. I really feel for you because I know how worrying it is. Luckily for you your bleeding has stopped, mine carried on and got worse. It looks like a good sign. Good luck, I really hope it is all ok. The odds are in your favour and I’ve spoken to other ladies in here that had bleeding and most of them were fine.


I have a SCH mine is large too at my 12 week scan was 8cm. My first big red bleed was around 5.5 weeks had a scan baby was there with heartbeat but they saw the clot which was 3cm at the time. I then had another big red bleed two days later scan showed baby ok and about ten days later had another massive red bleed - again baby ok. I have been bleeding brown since my last big red bleed which was just over 7 weeks ago. At my 12 week scan the SCH seemed to be healing. (The clot was turning that greyish/whiteish colour rather than all black) but was still there and still large. I am nearly 15 weeks now.

I have been told to take each day as it comes but an sch actually doesn’t increase miscarriage. After each of my bleeds I took it easy but have never been told to be on complete bed rest, would be too difficult with a 14 month old!

I was actually told to carry on as normal just no heavy lifting, no sex and no exercise - as they would be more worried about DVT if I went on bed rest. I think you will find a lot of conflicting advice re this but i have read lots on the internet and most stories are success stories. I have a scan on 2nd June and am hoping it has gone by then.

Please don’t be worried about the blood- mine was pouring out like water with no clots (I did have cramps) so that’s how I have known I haven’t had a miscarriage.

Thinking of you- I know how tough it is xxx

Keep going and be strong xx


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