8 week scan

I'm still in shock to be honest. Like it didn't happen. The scan lady really drew it out I was lying there in this deafening silence like oh my god...

But it seems the reason for the intense cramps is more than likely because we have two sticky beans! One is measuring just right for the time and has a really strong heartbeat, the other is about a week smaller and so they only picked up a flutter of a heartbeat as their machine couldn't quite get a reading on number 2 but they said sometimes this happens a lot and number 2 may catch up. Still so early days so I'm hesitant to be happy just in case, we have such a long way to go but definitely a better start to the year than last year. We are going back next week probably to get another scan to check on them because number 2 is so small but fingers crossed this is it now and this will be our time.

I've still got some nasty cramps but they said as long as I wasn't having nasty bleeding this can be normal. Thank you everyone for your well wishes today and yesterday. Will keep you all updated xxx

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  • Hey kittyk just wanted to say congratulations!! How wonderful that you have 2! Hoping that everything contuines to go well for you xxx

  • Thank you :)

  • Ohmigoodness what amazing news! Congratulations!!! Hope there is more good news to follow soon, take care of yourself :) x x x

  • Thank you xxx

  • That's brilliant news KittyK. All the best for the rest of journey xxx

  • Thank you. I hope it's smooth from here on x

  • That's so brilliant!! So pleased for you xxx

  • Thank you my dear. Did you manage to get an appointment for your little bean? Xxx

  • Not yet but I will call the doctors again xx

  • How exciting!! All the best for the next scan and take care of yourself! X

  • Thank you x

  • Congratulations.

  • Thank you x

  • Yippeeee! Very happy for you x

    Hope all goes well for your second baby.

  • Thank you. I hope number 2 catches up xxx

  • How wonderful that your blessed with not just one but two😍 Fingers crossed that number two catches up and your pregnancy progresses just fine

  • Thank you. I hope so too. Bit worried about the littler one, once I saw it the worrying just got more intense because now they're real little people lol xx

  • Huge congratulations xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Many congrats 😁

  • Thank you x

  • This is great news. Great way to begin the new year. Congratulations. I hope everything goes well next week and the rest of your pregnancy x

  • Thank you Sunny :) hope the year continues in this light for everyone and we have no more dramas lol I'll keep you guys updated about the littler one xx

  • Congratulations, I had a feeling it was 2 after reading your symptoms. Hope everything goes smooth for you throughout πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Lotty. Goodness the cramps and indigestion and bloating are rife tonight, I feel like I'm a balloon that needs to be popped but at least now I know it's for a good reason. I can suffer with a smile ;) xxx

  • This is great news!! Huge congrats to you all! xx

  • Thank you :) xx

  • Congratulations to you. Wonderful news. We had the same thing with two strong heart beats was and one slightly smaller. Agcten weeks scan, One had stop growing so be prepared for your next scan. It's very common for a twin not to make it.

    Anyway currently 13 weeks so stay positive very excited for you xxx take care

  • Thanks Missy. Will try to be prepared. It's already hard to think we may lose one, once you've seen them that's it they're yours and you want them both right? Have to take each day as it comes and just hope xxx

  • Awww lovely news. Hope things continue to go well xxx

  • Thank you Button I hope they both stick tight xxx

  • Wow congrats :) I hope number / catches up! When is your next scan? Xx

  • Thank you. I do too. Now I've seen them both I just want them both to grow and be ok. I'm still waiting for the clinic to call me back with the scan date but they said to expect a call by next Monday, with the view to a scan at EPU within the next week. Hopefully that's a sign that they aren't too concerned and all is going to be ok xxx

  • Big congratulation πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά

  • Oh my goodness this is wonderful news! Take it easy and look after yourself and your sticky beans!! Xxx

  • Thank you. I will try to keep calm and not freak out over the smallest thing lol x

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