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So I had an early scan today to check that the baby was where it was supposed to be. Mixed feelings from the scan now though 😕

Firstly the im around 5weeks 3days. The baby is measuring 3.6mm is this a normal length for this stage?

Secondly I have a small bleed next to the sac, she said this could just be implantation bleeding or it could get worse.

Thirdly we couldn't see/hear a heartbeat, again she said it could just be where it's to early.

Has anyone else had anything like that just to put my mind at ease!😐

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  • Congrats on your first scan! I have read up on this and apparently the heartbeat is not always heard up to week 7/8 as the foetus is too small. Try not to be concerned x

  • I had a scan at 6+4 and they couldn't find any baby at all, just the sac and yolk. Then a week later there was a perfectly healthy baby with a heartbeat. So I would try not to worry too much as you were a week earlier than my first scan and baby could be seen x

  • Okay that's relief, hopefully everything will be okay 😊 Xx

  • I'm sure it will be. Are they rescanning next week? I'll keep everything crossed for you X

  • Yeah I've got a scan booked for the 12th at my clinic then I've got one booked on the 19th at the hospital again xx

  • I know its the hardest thing in the world to do but try to relax and not panic too much. I was signed off work for the week and think it was the best thing I could have done as the thought of being around people turned my stomach. Look after yourself x

  • Yeah that's probably the best thing, just relax at home and take it easy I work in an office so it's not like I'm on my feet or anything. The people thing I totally get everyone at my work is irritating me sooo much just recently haha!!xx

  • It's too early for the heartbeat so that is normal. Can't offer any advice on the size unfortunately!xx

  • Did you have the scan done at a place like baby bond or by a qualified medical professional? There is a difference although from what i understand if there's a problem at a place like baby bond they will tell you to go to the epu or hospital to get checked out.

    Its early to see the heartbeat. Have you not got an ivf clinic scan booked in shortly? They are usually 6-7 weeks and even warn you on those that it might be to early for a heartbeat.

    I had a scan at baby bond and he completely screwed up the measurement. If you go look at a ruler 3.6mm is so small its very easy to get wrong at this stage. If they didn't correlate it to a date and didn't tell you something was wrong then its probably ok.

  • I had the scan done at the EPAU today and I have a scan at my clinic next Thursday. Oh okay, yeah I'm just hoping everything will be okay!x

  • Hi. I'm in a similar boat. Am 5 weeks and 3 days too and have an early scan at the EPU tomorrow as I had a slight bleed Tuesday so they sent me there for bloods then want to do a scan. Then have the ivf clinic scan next Wednesday. From what we've been told, it is perfectly normal to have a bleed/not to hear a heartbeat yet. Everyone I've spoken to has been so positive and reassuring. Just doesn't help when it's your first and you question every single feeling/sensation/emotion etc!

    Fingers crossed for you that everything's ok. Hopefully it's just a bit early and you'll hear the heartbeat next week :)

  • We were told that the heartbeat isn’t visible until at least the 6 week mark and even then it may still be too early.. xx

  • Hey sweetie I'm so glad that your fears of ectopic pregnancy is ruled out. I just looked at my records and my CRL (crown to lump full length from head to toe) at 5+4 was 4.0mm. At this scan they did see heartbeat but I am fully aware that this is early and a lot of times it is not seen until 6+ weeks this is the reason they don't usually scan b4 as causing lots of anxiety and stress if do not see heartbeat. Glad they are re scanning you also x x x

  • Also sorry I think that size is normal for how far you are x

  • My clinic told me 7 weeks is the usual time to see a heartbeat so 5+3 sounds very early. In terms of the size, if I understood what my clinic told me when I went for my scan then for the first 12 weeks babies develop at about the same rate and they use the size of the baby to tell you how far on you are/due date. So I went for my initial scan at something like 7+2 by IVF dates (assuming EC is day 14) and came away being told I was 7+4 based on size. I then went for my 12 week scan at 12+3 (based on date given at IVF scan) and came away being 12+5 for my official due date, so 4 days different to my IVF due date. So your baby will be spot on for the date they've given you. I think if you want to know if that's big or small compare it to when EC was (EC being 2 weeks exactly) I have to be honest the changing of due dates really doesn't make much sense to me as we've had IVF so we know with 100% certainty when the baby fertilised but that's how they do it in my area.

  • Hello dear. It's still a little early to hear the beating of your baby's heart. Approximately between the eighth and tenth week you can hear it.

    The size of your baby is normal for the week is that this. It is normal to measure between 2mm and 5mm. So you should not worry about that. You are on the right track with your pregnancy. Good luck.

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