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Buserelin and Norethisterone


I am currently day 19 on buserelin I had a scan monday and my lining was still to thick so i was given tablets to take for 5 days is it likely i will have another bleed cos the nurse didnt really say and Im worried if i dont bleed will my lining still be to thick? x

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Hi Ro5ie. Yes, you will probably have a bleed to get rid of that thick lining. Try not to worry (stupid advice), but they will keep an eye on you. It does happen with some women and comes right in the end. Thinking of you. Diane

Ro5ie in reply to DianeArnold

thank you for your reply diane . Im feeling quite tender tonight and have had period pains all day my next scan is tues so hopefully my lining will be ready to start menopur x

MommaBear16 in reply to Ro5ie

Hi Rosie, you're right behind me I hope everything goes well on Tuesday x x x

Ro5ie in reply to MommaBear16

thank you mommabear feeling like im gonna have another period today but nothing as yet - think im just over thinking things but keep worrying they could cancel if my lining isnt ready the last 2 times on buserelin after 2 weeks my lining has always been ready xx

Ive spoken to a nurse today she said its likely i will have a bleed 3 days after stopping the tablets my lining on monday was 6.2 she said it may be i'll have to continue on buserelin for another week feeling really rubbish

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