Buserelin nasal spray not working

Well I've been for my baseline scan today and my endometrium is too thick at 6mm and they could see a triple lined endometrium. I've been moved onto buserelin injections twice a day now and rescan next Thursday which was a wee bit disappointing but hopefully these will do the trick. The nurse pointed out i should prepare for more side effects now which is maybe why I haven't been suffering too much up until now! Anyone else been on this position? Did the injections take long to kick in to cause another bleed? X

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  • Oh no! Not too long to wait now though and hopefully you'll start to get effects soon.

    I'm not sure if my effects are due to the nasal spray or the metformin but my headaches are getting really bad now!

    Thanks for the update 💕

  • The nurse said the headaches are just side effects so to expect more though she did say they were a good sign! Mine have only just started, feeling hungover with the fun of alcohol is rubbish! Ha ha ha Hopefully your headaches are a sign of things being on track for you! Good luck for your scan!x

  • Well that's good then. Glad it's all starting now for you xx

  • Hi Cinderella5. Yes, the headaches occur because the drug works on the pituitary gland in the brain, so although not nice, you know it's hitting the spot! A nuisance that you are having to down regulate a little differently, but some of us are harder to "shut down" than others. Fingers crossed for the rest of the cycle. Diane

  • Thanks for your reply Diane! Im actually feeling better with the injections which are surprisingly ok to do, my fuzzy head has lifted though it does make me worry a little that this isnt working for me. Do you know if this is common?

  • Hi Cinderella5. All sounds pretty normal to me. Headaches if they happen, often subside after a few days. Only a worry if they affect your vision. Hope all goes well for you. Diane

  • Ahhh ok, well fingers crossed.

  • Hello Cinderella5! Well at least they are checking carefully and not taking any chances. Fingers crossed this does the job although don't envy you double symptoms!

    Had my scan today too and start stimms tomorrow, bring on the pincushion feeling :( Hope you're doing ok too Loobee xx

  • That's great news you're moving forward Daisy! I've done my first injection and it wasn't bad! Asked the OH to stick the needle in as I was a bit nervous but he couldn't do it, big woose! Ha ha ha I'm sure you'll find it ok too! X

  • Yep they are no better than us when it comes to the squeamish stuff! Good luck x

  • Oh heck that's not good. Hope the new injections do the trick to get you on track xx

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