Any reassurance that my lining will be thin enough to start ive meds please

I've been taking norethisterone for the last 12 days in preparation for ivf and I started af as planned 3 days after finishing norethisterone. I had a scan on the first day of bleed in the morning and doctor said my lining was too thick to begin treatment she didn't seemed worried as it was only first day and she said come for a scan on your third day when you lining should of shed with period. My first day of period wasn't that heavy today is my second day and I don't think I have bleed much at all and obviously I'm now concerned about what the scan is going to revile in the morning. I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve last June so know that time isnt on my side. Any words of comfort of similar experience would be much appreciated to keep me sane until tomorrows scan


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  • You do find it gets better in my experience of chatting to women on here. Mine wasn't too thin on my last cycle... but over a few days it was fine. Even on day three they sent me away and then I think I had to go back the day after and it was fine.

    Just keep going xx

  • Thanks emu I can't wait to start the injections and get going with treatment I've got everything crossed for tomorrow xxx

  • Me too. Hope it's a good outcome! x

  • Hi emu just wanted to let you know that the scan went well and I'm due to take my first injections tonight😊I hope you have a stressfree final week and wishing you all the best for a happy outcome and a fab summer for all the nice things you have planned xxx

  • YEY!!!! Wonderful! Stay in touch! That's great news! Final countdown to now! :) xx

  • Good luck! I went on Wednesday this week and mine wasnt ready as my period hadn't started - back for another scan Friday after one day of bleeding and it was fine, I was given the go ahead to start my injections Friday evening.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that yours goes the same way! xox

  • Thank you jade I've got my fingers crossed I can start injections tomorrow, saw your post about first injections done hopefully it will get a bit easier for the next ones wishing you all the best for the next scan xxx

  • Hopefully yours will have done the same and gone down!

    Here's hoping for you 😊

    Thankyou! I'm finding them ok actually,not as bad as I thought they would be!

    Good luck for your scan tomorrow xox

  • Hi jade just wanted to let you know that my scan when well in the end so I'm all good to start with the meds tonight, hope you're enjoying your weekend and feeling a bit more settled with the injections now the first is out the way it will all be worth it xxx

  • Aww that's brilliant news. Glad all is ok. Best of luck with you injection tonight!

    I'm feeling ok about them - all seem to be going ok! Thankyou xox

  • Glad to hear all is well, I'm going to try and visualise what I'm hoping for while doing the injections to get me through 😊xxx

  • Thankyou! How did you find your first one?xox

  • Literally just done my first one was shaking slightly but think it will be easier for the next. I'm on 450 dosage so had 6 vials to mix and took a while, it didn't really hurt at all just a bit bizarre injecting yourself and takes a while for the syringe to go down but it's one down at least. Hope your second went well xxx

  • Ooh wow! Well done, you done it 😊 sounds like yours are alot more complicated then mine -mixing 6 vials 😕I haven't got to the mixing one yet, I add that in on Tuesday along side Gonal F but it's only 1 vial!

    Was my third one today, is alot easier to do now but still very weird actually doing it! xx

  • The mixing is a pain in the you-know-what!! It annoys me every time I have to do it, I wish they could make it so it was pre-mixed! When hubbie is around he does the mixing though, and it helps him to feel involved so I suppose that's a good thing!

  • I know I need to allow myself 20 mins prep time just to prep everything it is funny how they aren't pre mixed already. That's nice that your hubbie helps out don't think I would trust mine to do the same 😅 xxx

  • The mixing is quite easy just takes a bit of time to prepare, I'm on a high dose which is why I have so many to mix. I know its a lot to get your head injecting yourself but it's so much better than having to visit the hospital everything day I think that would just be too stressful so think this is the best way in the comfort of our homes. So nice to be able to share the experience with others going through this at the same time. Keep me posted with how you get on xxxx

  • Yes going somewhere for the shots would be totally unmanageable... it's bad enough getting the time for the scans!

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