Pineapple.... To eat or not?!?

Hi ladies

Ok so all being well I'll be in for ET on Monday and as a self confessed Google addict....

PINEAPPLE post transfer or not?

I have read so much about this, the gist is cut it into 5 - 6 pieces then eat one piece /day including the core (highest concentration of bromeline?)

But if having a 5 day transfer implantation can occur between 1 - 5 days after ET....

Also have read reports saying to avoid it completely....

So ladies, who ate it and did you get the BFP or who didn't and still got their BFP?

Just trying to weigh up pros & cons and whether its actually going to do more harm than good or if I should actually be eating it from Monday!


Holly x

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  • I ate it the whole way through my cycle including after transfer, didnt do us any harmπŸ˜‰

  • Hi hope_faith

    Thank you - I am thinking that I may just have a slice per day for a few days then... maybe Monday to Friday next week x

  • Hi

    I ate it on my first cycle before and after up to about 5 days post transfer got BFP but miscarried at 6 weeks, ate it the next two cycles BFN, now preparing for round 4 transfer is Tuesday! I'm eating but only up to transfer this time as I'll be on clexane and aspirin after . Not sure this helps, lol.


  • Hi Becks

    Thank you for getting back to me - I think I am going to put it into my daily smoothie for a few days post transfer then

    All the best for your transfer on Tuesday :)


  • I didn't know about it before treatment so didn't take it. I did load up on protein and water though. As hope_faith says, it's not going to do any harm.

  • Hi Tlove

    Thank you - I am still on a high protein intake and trying my hardest with the water and still having daily smoothies too!

    Fingers crossed for Monday that we have blastos :)


  • I ate one to two slices daily through all my 2WW we did get our BFP

  • Hi

    Thank you I think I've decided to put it in my smoothie πŸ˜„

    Well done on your BFP

    Holly x

  • I was also recommended 1l of milk a day as few private fertility clinics are recommending that now.

    Good luck!

  • Brilliant, I'll add that to the list πŸ˜„

    Thank you,

    Holly x

  • I didn't eat pineapples but drank lots pineapple juice and ate a handful of Brazil nuts each day with my last round. I did fall pregnant ( ended in mc). Not sure if pineapple juice helped or not. May have just been the extra meds I was on but still not going to do any harm x x

  • Hi soap suds,

    Sorry to hear that...

    But thank you for getting back to me, think I'll try it for a few days πŸ˜„

    Holly x

  • Good luck πŸ€ x x

  • Thank you πŸ˜„

    Holly xx

  • I read it caused miscarriage so to avoid it. Maybe eat on 2ww then stop? Xx

  • Hi rosy_I

    Thank you - I had read that as well ....

    I think I will add it for the first few days then no more :)

    Holly x

  • I'm eating brazil nuts up to day of transfer and then pineapple core from day of transfer for 5 days along with pint of milk throughout 2ww, fingers crossed it results in a bfp! Good luck x

  • Hi baby2016

    Sounds very familiar, when is your transfer?

    Holly x

  • Hi Holly, all being well it will be the 6th June. When's yours? xx

  • Hi

    It's today!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    I'm waiting on a call to give me the embryo update but we have to be there for 1:30pm today

    I have been up since 5am I cannot sleep!!

    Holly x

  • Hi Holly, only just seen your reply, I know its 17 days old now but wondered how you were getting on? Xx

  • Hi

    Unfortuntely the fresh transfer was not successful so we are back on the 9th June to discuss our frozen embryo and plan going forward.

    I think your transfer will be the 6th June? If so lots and lots of luck x

    Holly x

  • Aw Holly, sorry to hear this. I hope your doing okish. Keep positive 😊 Yeah EC due on the 6th but will find out tomorrow for def at my scan. Hope your appointmentgoes well xx

  • Thank you I hope your EC goes well too... I was really worried about it but it was fine πŸ˜„

    Holly xx

  • Thank you Holly x

  • Hi i ate pineapple 3 days before my transfer and 2 days after ( had a 5 day transfer ) and then didn't have anything to do with pineapple until after having my baby , it's good to cause a sticky womb before pregnancy but research has shown it can cause womb contractions thats why people advise you to eat it when your heavily pregnant so there is a slight chance of possible miscarriage in earlier pregnancy some women eat it right thorough i personally didn't after having 5 miscarriages i avoided everything and anything i possibly could that had been linked with miscarriage.

    Good luck ! xx

  • I also eat 2 brazil nuts and 2 walnuts a day and a pint of semi skimmed milk - nuts help implantation and good protien and milk apparently makes the wombs blood flow better xx

  • Hi Herrys - thank you, I al already eating the brazil nuts but didnt know about walnuts, I will add those to the list as well :)

    Holly x

  • Hello, I had a 5 day transfer. I definitely ate pineapple at least during the first week but can't remember about week 2. We got a bfp so it was ok for me and I don't think it would do any harm but I do understand overanalysising every little thing! x

  • My best friend drank a glass of pineapple juice and ate 3 Brazil nuts every day for her two week wait from the day she had the embryos put back in and now has a 8 month old baby boy I'm waiting to start mytreatment and she is constantly on at me to do it xo

  • I had a thin slice for the first week after ET but didn't do it for the entire 2ww. I did however have a boiled egg every day and lots of avocado! Not sure what worked but we got our much longed for BFP. Good luck xxx

  • Hi Ladies

    Thank you so much for your replies :)

    I have had the call this afternoon - we are going in for transfer at 1:30pm tomorrow, the embryologist will call me in the morning to discuss the embryos

    I really do appreciate all of yourfeedback

    Holly x

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