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Hi ladies, just wondered if anyone had any success stories eating pineapple core from day of implantation?? As i've read its meant to help with implantation. I'm soon to start ivf and wondered if I should try it ad its meant to help reduce inflamation in the womb, which initially I thought would be great as I have been diagnosed with high nk cells, however i'm going to be treated with steriods to dampen down my nk cells, however was then thinking I shouldn't take the pineapple core as well as it could be too much of decreasing inflamtion!! Anyone got any advice?? I've got an appointment with my fertility nurse today so going to ask her advice too x

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  • I ate a lot when I was having treatment but it's obviously hard to tell if it helped but I think it made me feel better... Almost like I was helping it along abit which I needing on such an helpless journey!! Does that make sense???Β 

    Good luck 😘😘 

  • I was going to try this until I found out that pineapple can cause miscarriages. You'd need to eat about 10 in a day for there to be any significant risk but I figured why chance it?.

  • I found this website and ate it as per their guidance from transfer until test day. It is a fine line though. I did get a bfp with my first cycle so perhaps it 'worked' then. Best to do lots of research to ensure you're comfortable with the pros and cons. And given you have additional immunology issues you may want to proceed with caution as you say. This article seems to focus on the bromelain being a blood thinner which aids implantation.Β

  • Thank you all for your replies, I mentioned it at my appointment today and they've suggested I leave the pineapple as will be on steroids for the NK issue and will be on blood thinners because i've also now been diagnosed with sticky blood syndrome after 4 recurrent miscarriages :( hoping that the next one is a keeper!! And huge congrats WeeMrsH x

  • Hey, if you have sticky blood it's worth joining the Hughes Syndrome forum too if you have any questions or concerns about sticky blood.

  • Thank you for this, i'll join that group as well πŸ˜„ Wasn't aware of it so thank you x

  • Best of luck with it all. I was diagnosed with sticky blood after recurrent mc too. I started on the blood thinners this time once I got my bfp and I'm nearly 27 weeks along now, so they do seem to work. All my losses were at 7-9 weeks, so keeping everything crossed this continues to go to plan! I hadn't heard about the pineapple before.

  • Aww congratulations πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ lovely to read and see that the blood thinners have worked for you. All mine have been between 6-wks too. Thanks for you message and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well x

  • Thank you for this, i'll join that group as well πŸ˜„ Wasn't aware of it so thank you x

  • Hi, I had pineapple core for 5 days after embryo transfer, also on aspirin, clexane and steroids..BFP....then no more..good luck ahead to you xxx

  • Thank you for your reply πŸ˜„ Did you eat it the day after transfer or from the day of transfer? And how much did you eat? Huge co grats on your BFP!! πŸ˜„ My gut is telling me to try it and you were taking the same drugs that i'll be having, so may just give it a try! x

  • Ah very excited but got 2 weeks still to wait for scan to put my mind at rest all OK. I ate the fresh pineapple when I came home from transfer and the 4 days that followed...cut into circle slices leaving core in and just slice of it a day...after the 5 portions I still had maybe 2 portions left but threw them away and they say that OK time to have pineapple..but not say now for me and best to avoid now. The very best of luck ahead...everything crossed for you..lots of love xxxxΒ 

  • And also I had it at room temperature. All my food I ate was warm, no raw salads as say blood flow used up trying to break it down...xx

  • Thank you for answering my questions, i've decided i'm going to try it as you've said! And I wasn't aware of the food temp thing either! Hoping the next few weeks goes quickly for you so you can see your little one at your scan πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ» Xx

  • Ah thank you x have you started IVF...or awaiting new round? I researched lots and followed advice on high protein, low carbs, warm food and drinks... I had a fertility massage this time and had endometrial scratch ..I tried everything this time...just wondered if could offer any support xx

  • Thats lovely of you! I'm due to start my 1st round of ivf after recently having both tubes removed because of fluid, which they also reckon contributed to my miscarriages. I had a scratch done in jan when tested for nk test and have recently started reflexology, but like you in the way i'll try anything as i'm now 38. Bizarrely though everytime I have got pregnant are times when i've been pretty stressed! Hoping now my tubes are removed and I do what I can that if there is a next time it will be successful, as it will never happen natutally now :( Xx

  • Wishing you all the Best for The start, I never feel pregnant naturally and after 2 operations and my Left tube out I was told I needed IVF, its been quite a Journey over the last 15 months and as much as it has been a rollercoaster I have met some amazing and strong people. I Have attended a support group and must say this has been my saviour and I have researched what to eat and not, tried Fertility massage and even bought a special Fertility well as Scratch which you have had, and it was all worth it to get a Positive. Just hanging out for scan to reassure me all ok. I'm 39 and so I was worried that time ticking...Have good vibes you be ok and all turn out good....keep us posted on your Journey ahead. Lots of Love xx

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