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My 2nd surrogacy


Hi everybody!

I’m not going to ask your advice or something but I’d like to share my own experience. My name is Emma and I’ve been through awful things when I was trying to have a baby. don’t want to write a lot about my problems because it’s actually a story with a happy end.

so, I ttc naturally since I was 27 but with no result. I don’t like doctors much so I avoided visiting GP as I didn’t have any symptoms of whatever. but after gyno examined me I was told I had cervical ectropion. Many women have it and very often it’s not dangerous and the tx is pretty simple. But it can cause serious problems without treatment at all, like in my case. I didn’t know I had it for years and colposcopy showed precancerous changes in the neck of the uterus. Don’t want to even remember details, the result is surgery and chemo. No need to tell I still wanted to have a baby of my own. I started to look for surrogacy and was advised to have a closer look at clinics in the Eastern Europe. Well, I did so and now I’m a mother of a beautiful 2 yo boy. Now I’m going to have one more child to make my family bigger and I’ll go to Ukraine soon, that clinic is there.

Ladies, no matter what problems you have, there is always a chance to be happy and to get what you want, it’s not easy but possible. Good luck to all of you!

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Good luck! You have been trying for a long time, since you were 27! this is impressive, because I am in my 40s and it's been only first year of my fertility journey. of course I had 2 years of ttcing naturally with my dh but I don't count that as a part of a fertility journey because there hasn't been any medical help involved and stuff.

Ukraine? Why there?

thank you! it's not so long though I had surgery at 30 and in 2 years I started surrogacy. so it's just 3 years of natural attempts without any tx and then only a clinic search.

wespent a lot of time and efforts to fund what fits us best...and after careful comparison of different aspects of tx and terms of contracts it was clear that Ukrainian clinic is perfect for us. I mean it's better than others in some ways, it's not the best clinic ever, there are also disadvantsges but they are not that significant. So we contacted them and became clear, we are in.

i have been talking to another user about it and i am a bit confused as to what kind of the fertility centers are in Ukraine? I mean are all of the clinics the same, have you been to a lot of them or you have chosen one clinic and went there directly?

PS what is that clinic called?

i didn't thank you properly last time i visited this forum but i followed your post and found the clinic on the internet and i am truly thankful to you. of course i won't be jumping into decisions right now but i have been thinking to write them and 3 other clinics i have found in Kiev that could possibly help me with my issue. i will definitely ask them if they all provide their clients with a car and a room in the hotel

thank you!!!

i don't know if it is worth it to write to the clinics in Czech because I had an awful experience over there..

oh, my pleasure!

Of course, this decision shouldn't be made like that, you need to compare and make sure it's exctly what you need. you see, this clinic is great for me but it doesn't mean it should be so for you. I know couple, who signed for a VIP contract but refused to live in apartment provided by a clinic and booked a suit on their own, they ate at the restaurants, they rent a I'm not sure if it was the best contract for them even if it's vip, it's not 'luxury' enough.

Your future baby mustn't be assosiated with an 'awful experience' , so while choosing you must be confident it's a right place! keep me informed about your decision. Lots of love xxx

i am disappointed in myself because it's been already a year since I moved into this accepted into surrogacy category and i haven't done anything yet

my husband is busy working and i am here just sitting and getting upset with every each minute that just goes by without bringing any news

i had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and after a year of recovering i had a talk with my doctor, he seemed to be so nice and he sure took his time to find the perfect words to explain what's going on with me and what my future is. and it was nice of him, very nice. but sure it didn't make me happy even though i have already knew who i've became.

so for now i suppose that after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, then having a stillbirth and going through a horrifying surgery that left me without the essential part of my body i suppose that i am not that lucky and i do not deserve that much of being happy at all.

PS i think i mught look at ukrainian clinics... it seems like they are ok according to your words

hello dear. it so amazing. a lot of love for the boys. how are they doing now? I'm so glad you shared his up. made us the part of your journey. I'm here to support you. let me tell you. I'm shocked to see. you are such a strong woman. much strength to you. you passed all the hurdles and im so happy you want to make your family bigger. because why not? arent babies just adorable? do let me know the detail of the since you went too. want it for my friend. good luck mommy. take care. keep us updated. here for you always.

Hi dear, I am really happy for you. You are really one strong woman. I hope you get what you want. Surrogacy is a blessing. It has helped many people. I hope everyone goes for it. You are inspirational. Take care.

Babies are a great blessing. I feel really happy for you. Indeed surrogacy is the best way of having babies. When a woman is not able to get pregnant and when she is facing infertility. She chooses other processes like surrogacy. Yes, it is a blessing. I faced difficulty in conceiving a baby and so I made my mind for surrogacy. I have seen many couples who are happy to have babies through surrogacy. I was diagnosed with Uterine polyps disease and then I faced 4 years of infertility. I was once really despondent that I stopped trying on babies. But when I read such motivating thing that people wrote on the forums so I made my mind and decided to go for surrogacy. I am a happy mother now. I have a baby. I am so happy to have her. Hope this would help a lot of others too. Surrogacy is really a blessing for me.

Hey there! How are you doing? I'm happy for you. You have what you wanted the most. What can be more valuable than this? Indeed nothing. You have every right to think about another baby. But as a fellow who has been through her share of troubles, I would like to give you a piece of advice. I hope that you'll listen to me. You talked about surrogacy in Ukraine. There is a clinic named Lotus there. I don't know if you have heard of it or not They are just goons. All they want is your money. Just don't make the same mistake I did. Good luck.

Hello there. How are you doing now? I am so glad that you have shared this. You have been through a lot. But you are so strong. you fought it in the right way. I am so happy that surrogacy helped you. I can relate to your story. As I was also diagnosed with unexplained infertility. It was so hard and almost impossible to accept it. And to fight it was even more difficult. But all thanks to surrogacy. It helped us through the tough time. We had an amzing experience. We are now a happy family. Baby girl is almost 5 months old now. :)

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