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My surrogacy story)


I'm absolutely happy woman now, but only 6 years ago I was on the verge of suicide. Me and hubby been together from school I still remember his silly curly hair which he hated and I adore from the moment I saw him first. We start trying for the baby just a year after wedding, we was young and full of hopes. Than all this hell start I got pregnant and miscarriage on 9 week. Women here know this feeling of horrible pain inside. But we try again and again same story (miscarriage - 12 week). Totally I had 4 miscarriages. Doctors was telling me about immune issue but all I could think is that I don't deserve to have a child. Exact this time my lovely husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and i lost last hope and will to live. I didn't give up only because I had to look after husband, so together we fight with his disease and my depression. That time I met a lady who had all her kids (3)by surrogate mother. It was a breath of fresh air for me, I told to hb about this and we decide to go for it. I can say it was spontaneous decision which I never reared after. We went to Ukrainian clinic and bring back gorgeous twins (Noah and Lily). They are the most precious for me in the hole world. I'm so thankful to our surrogate mother for bringing me back to life. She have her own child (this is a condition to the woman in ukraine who want to become a surrogate mother). The clinic we use had contract which covers you from loosing your money.

I want to say to every surrogate mother here I'm so proud of you of what you doing for the infertility couples !

We are planing to come back to ukraine for another baby. Wish us a good luck


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what an amazing story love.. im so glad everything finished happily. Its amazing how bravely you fight with your infertility. 

What is the name of the clinic? do they have age limits? 

My name is Debbie

Thank you for listening xxx   


What an amazing story, it made me cry I love a happy ending.

Thanks for sharing xxx

Wow what an amazing story and weird because I had my baby born in Ukraine from a surrogate mother too. What clinic did you choose??

Did you like it?

I met lovely couple from German in the clinic and we become very good friends. I didn't expect to see so many foreigner couples and surrogate mothers in the clinic.

I really want to talk to you and share our experiences!

Congratulations and good luck xx

So pleased and delighted to read such happy ended stories! I know perhaps only void will find my answer. Two years were left behind and you could forget your password or even the link of the website.

Anyway you should know I’m happy about you and as you mentioned you would decide on planning another baby, I’m calling you to announce your situation. Hah.

Just wanna know your thought after two years of parenthood. God bless you! wish you happy days and sound health to your babies!

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